Know about Robin Thicke’s son Luca Patrick Thicke

Luca Patrick Thicken is the son of actor and singer Robin Thicke, widely known for his single hit “Blurred Lines’. Luca is recognized due to his father Robin Thicke. Luca’s paternal grandparents were also actors, Gloria Loring and actor Alan Thicke.

Luca Patrick Thicke’s Family

Luca Patrick Thicke is the fourth child of actor Robin Thicke and his partner, April Love Geary. Luca Patrick was born in December 2020. Luca’s father, Robin Thicke is a popular singer and actor. Robert was born to actress Gloria Loring and actor Alan Thicke on 27th March, 1977. Robin’s mother was largely popular for her show, Days in our Lives whereas his father was recognized for Growing Pains.

Robin was just 7 years old when his parents parted their ways. On the other hand, Luca’s mother April Love Geary is a model born on 6th December, 1994 to Diana Geary and Patrick Geary. Luca’s father and mother met at an event in 2014 and they began dating in 2015. They have been engaged since then and have three children together, a daughter and two sons. Luca’s father Robin was previously married to actress and producer Paula Patton. The two divorced in 2015 after ten years of union.

Luca Patrick Thicke’s Career

Luca is a two-year kid who has a long way to make his career. Luca’s father Robin was very much inclined to music because both of his parents were also singer and songwriter apart from being actors. His father assisted him in writing and arranging his earliest songs. Thicke’s parents encouraged his musical interests.  According to Robin Thicke, his father refused to foot the bill for him and his vocal group, As One, to record a professionally made demo tape because he wanted Robin to concentrate on his studies and earn his high school diploma before deciding to pursue a career in music. At the time, Robin was in his early teens.

At the age of 17, Thicke moved out of home and supported himself by working as a professional record producer and songwriter.  Although Thicke’s parents did not make an effort to discourage him from wanting to work in the music industry, they were initially wary due to their own experiences with the volatility of the entertainment industry. As Thicke’s resume rose, so did his parents’ faith in his judgement. Luca’s father Robin wrote many songs including Love Is on My Side, Give it to You, When You Put Your Hands on Me, etc. On Vevo, Blurred Lines received over 1 million views in the days following its March 20, 2013, release. Before filming the video, Thicke said he had acquired Paula Patton’s consent.