Know about Daughter of Richard Dawkins, Juliet Emma Dawkins

Juliet Emma Dawkins is the daughter of author and biologist Richard Dawkins who also served as Oxford University’s Professor for Public Understanding of Science from 1995 to 2008 and is now an emeritus fellow at New College, Oxford. He is well recognized for his critique of intelligent design and creationism and is an atheist. Juliet Emma Dawkins is famous largely because of her father.

Juliet Emma Dawkins’s Family

Juliet Emma Dawkins is the daughter of Oxford Professor, British Biologist and author, Richard Dawkins. Juliet was born in 1984 to Richard Dawkins and his second wife Eve Barham. Richard and Eve got married in 1984, but their marriage didn’t work so they eventually parted their ways. The relationship between Dawkins and his ex-wife Eve Barham, according to the Independent, ended in animosity and still exists today. One recent interviewee was instructed not to even mention her name. Why not just refer to her as my daughter’s mother? said Dawkins.

Richard was also married to ethologist Marian Stamp before being married to Juliet’s mother. Juliet’s father Richard was born in Nairobi on March 26, 1941 to Jean Mary Vyvyan and Clinton John Dawkins, a member of an Oxfordshire landed gentry family who worked as an agricultural civil servant for the British Colonial Service in Nyasaland. When Dawkins was eight years old, his father was called up to serve in the King’s African Rifles during the Second World War.  His father had inherited Over Norton Park in Oxfordshire, a country estate that he had economically farmed.  He has a younger sister named Sarah. His parents responded to Dawkins’ inquiries, indicating their interest in the natural sciences.

Juliet Emma Dawkins’s Father

Juliet’s father Richard Dawkins recalls his upbringing “a typical Anglican upbringing” during his childhood.  He was a devout Christian up until the middle of his teenage years, when he came to the conclusion that the theory of evolution was the only viable explanation for the complexity of life. He then stopped believing in a creator.

According to Dawkins “The primary remaining reason I was religious was because I was so astonished by the complexity of life and felt that it had to have a designer. I believe the argument for design was disproved when I understood that Darwinism was a far superior explanation. Dawkins defines himself in various interviews as a “cultural Christian” and a “Anglican” because of his understanding of atheism and his heritage in western culture. Juliet’s father popularized the notion that repeating genes—not particular creatures or species—are the driving force behind evolution.