Kelly Davis Rucker, Personal Life and Net Worth

Kelly Davis Rucker is an entertainer and TV personality from America but she is best known for being the wife of actor Lamman Rucker. The couple is awfully in love with each other and shares drool-worthy pics of their romance quite often.

Read this article to find out some interesting life details about Kelly Davis Rucker such as her childhood, family, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

Though Kelly Davis Rucker is a TV personality and remains in the spotlight of the media all the time, she has not spilled beans about her personal life. From the names of her parents to her date of birth, nothing is known to the public. If you talk about her love life, we have already told you that she is the loving wife of American actor Lamman Rucker. When Kelly Davis Rucker got married is not known.

Parents and siblings

In this part of life, you will hardly get any information about Kelly Davis Rucker. The region is, she probably herself does not like to make her family background details public. This is why there is no information available on the parents as well as siblings of Kelly Davis Rucker. We just hope that she must have had a wonderful childhood with her parents and siblings if she has any.


 With the fact that Kelly Davis Rucker is a married Lady, she might have kids. But here again, she has not opened her lips on this particular matter.

Education and profession

Like the personal life of Kelly Davis Rucker, her educational life is also a mystery to the public. Neither Kelly Davis Rucker nor her actor husband ever bothered to talk about this matter. Coming to the profession of Kelly Davis Rucker, she is a TV personality and an entertainer. Kelly Davis is it to get a breakthrough in her career though.

Reason for the popularity of Kelly Davis Rucker

With the fact that Kelly Davis Rucker is a TV personality and an entertainer, she herself earned a ground level of popularity. However, she is mainly known by people as the wife of Lamman Rucker. Her presence on social media is another reason for her popularity.

Net worth of Kelly Davis Rucker

Considering the profession of Kelly Davis Rucker, as she is a TV personality, we assume that Kelly Davis Rucker must have earned big money in her career so far. Since she has not made anything public regarding her earnings, we are not exactly sure about her net worth but she definitely has a good net worth. Not just her, but her husband has also churned out great money in his career. Right now he is said to have an estimated net worth of around 2.5 million.


Being professionally active in the glamour world and maintaining complete privacy about the personal life is not an easy task but Kelly Davis Rucker has done it beautifully. We must say that she has maintained a balance between her personal and professional life really well.