Keelin Noel Garcia, Personal Life and Net Worth

Keelin Noel Garcia is a celebrity daughter, best known for being the daughter of American legendary musician, Jerry Garcia. Her father died decades ago but his legacy is still alive and this is the reason that Keelin Noel Garcia is popular today.

Today, let’s unfold some interesting life details about Keelin Noel Garcia such as her early life, family, siblings, education, work, net worth, love life, and many other such details.

Personal life

Keelin Noel Garcia was born on 23 December 1987 in the USA as the daughter of Jerry Garcia and Manasha Matheson. Keelin Noel Garcia could not enjoy a happy and blissful childhood because just a few years after her birth, her parents separated. If you talk about the love life of Keelin Noel Garcia, the young lady has preferred to keep this thing to herself only. Since is 34 years old today, we assume that she might have gotten married. She is just hiding it from the public.

Parents and siblings

Keelin Noel Garcia is probably the only daughter of her parents, Jerry Garcia and Manasha Matheson. The married life of her parents was not very smooth. They separated just within a few years of their marriage. The romantic life of the father of Keelin Noel Garcia was really colorful. He got married 4-5 times during his lifetime and had a couple of kids too other than Keelin Noel Garcia. One of the sisters of Keelin Noel Garcia is Heather Garcia.

As for the professional career of her parents, her father was an acclaimed musician, while the profession of her mother is a mystery.


With the fact that the personal life of Keelin Noel Garcia is under wraps, it is not known whether she is married and has kids or not. However, considering her age, we hope that she might have kids.

Education and profession

Needless to mention that Keelin Noel Garcia would have received a top-level education in life. The reason being, she had no dearth of money. We can only make an assumption about the education of Keelin Noel Garcia because there is no confirmed confirmation available on the same. As for the profession of Keelin Noel Garcia, it is also a mystery.

Reason for the popularity of Keelin Noel Garcia

The one and only reason for the popularity of Keelin Noel Garcia is, of course, her father, Jerry Garcia, who was a household name in the music industry during his time.

Net worth of Keelin Noel Garcia

Considering the fact that the profession of Keelin Noel Garcia is not known, it is not possible to estimate her net worth either. However, we do believe that today Keelin Noel Garcia would definitely have a net worth in the millions. The reason is, her father left a whopping amount of 15 million when he died and Keelin Noel Garcia will definitely inherit her share from this.


Being a celebrity kid and maintaining a low profile is really hard but Keelin Noel Garcia has done it beautifully. She leads a private life and hardly makes any public appearances.