Katya Irina Stambler, Personal Life and Net Worth

Katya Irina Stambler is a young celebrity daughter, who is popular among the crowd for being the darling daughter of British actress Victoria Tennant. The young girl looks ravishing like her mother.

Here, let’s talk about her in detail including her early life, family, parents, siblings, love life, children, education, work, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

Since Katya Irina Stambler is a celebrity daughter, her parents are not very open about her personal life. This is the reason that no confirmed information is available on the birth life of Katya Irina Stambler. According to some sources, she was born in 1998. The names of her parents are Victoria Tennant and Kirk Stambler. Her mother, Victoria Tennant, is English while her father is American. The nationality of Katya Irina Stambler is not known. As for the love life of Katya Irina Stambler, she is in her early 20s right now. Given the fact, Katya Irina Stambler must have romantic link-ups. However, she has chosen not to make it public.

Parents and siblings

Katya Irina Stambler is one of two kids and the only daughter of her parents Victoria Tennant and Kirk Stambler, who got married in 1996. Katya Irina Stambler is probably the eldest of two kids of her parents. The name of the brother of Katya Irina Stambler is not known though. The married life of her parents is going strong even today and they’re living happily with each other. As for the professional front, her mother is a renowned British actress while her father is an acclaimed American film producer.


There is no such information available, so  we believe that Katya Irina Stambler does not have any kids yet. She is also too young for this right now.

Education and profession

The parents of Katya Irina Stambler never bothered to talk about her personal life.  So, you won’t get anything confirmed on the education of Katya Irina Stambler but we are pretty sure that she must have received a good education from some reputed institute, as she is the daughter of rich parents. The same goes for the profession of Katya Irina Stambler too.

Reason for the popularity of Katya Irina Stambler

Of course, it’s the mother of Katya Irina Stambler who makes her popular. Her mother is quite active in the media and regularly makes public appearances and talks about random things including her kids. Not just that, she is also active on social media, which gives other reasons for her kids to become popular.

Net worth of Katya Irina Stambler

Katya Irina Stambler probably does not have any net worth right now because she is not professionally active. However, she is fortunate enough to have a good and opulent life as both of her parents are good money earners. Today, they have a combined net worth of around 15 million.


Katya Irina Stambler is a young gorgeous girl. We would really love to see her on the big screen like her mother and mesmerize people with her beauty and remarkable tales. Let’s see what field Katya Irina Stambler chooses for her career.