Karen Leslie Crane Personal Life, Family, & More

Karen Leslie Crane was born to Hogan Heroes’ Bob Crane, also known as Robert David Crane, and his high school sweetheart Anne Terzian. She is their first child with two other siblings.

Family History

Karen Leslie Crane is famous for his celeb father Bob Crane (Robert David Crane) and gorgeous disk jockey mother Anne Terzian. Karen has two siblings and one step-brother. Bob Crane, father of Karen Leslie Crane was an American actor popularly known for the movie, Hogan Heroes. Not just an actor but also a drummer, radio personality, and disc jockey, he was famous for his acting as well as his scandals. Karen’s father, the younger son of Rose Mary and Alfred Thomas Crane, whose last name was originally Crean, Bob Crane was born in Waterbury, Connecticut. He grew up and went to high school in Stamford.

More About Her Dad

Karen’s father started playing the drums at the age of 11, and by junior high, he and his neighborhood pals were planning community drum and bugle parades. The scandal that came out in public posthumously was that Karen’s father routinely recorded and documented his sexual antics on camera. Due to his fame, he attracted a lot of ladies, and he introduced Carpenter to them as his manager.

Carpenter and Karen’s father, Bob, recorded their sexual sessions together on camera. In June 1978, while on tour for a dinner theatre production of Beginner’s Luck, Karen’s father was discovered dead after being beaten in his apartment in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Officially, the homicide is still unsolved. Due to the dubious circumstances of his death and posthumous revelations about his personal life, his previously uncontroversial public image degraded.

More About Her Mom

Karen’s mother, Anne Terzian is not an exception to the rule that one of the simplest ways to become a celebrity wife is to marry one. Many thousands of people have achieved fame and notoriety in various ways. Anne Terzian is one of them. After marrying her well-known spouse, a renowned celebrity, Anne, Karen’s mother, a regular citizen, gained notoriety.

People assert that one of the simple ways to get attention is to be the spouse of a well-known celebrity. After she wed her husband Bob Crane, she experienced the same thing. She received adequate media coverage despite being the ex-wife of the celebrity. She continues to draw the media’s attention even 42 years after the death of her ex-husband. Karen’s mother Anne Terzian is an American, of Caucasian ethnicity, who was Karen’s father Bob’s high school sweetheart.

Her parents were madly in love and dated a while before marrying, the duo had three children, Robert David Crane, Deborah Anne Crane, and Karen Leslie Crane.


Karen’s brother, Robert David Crane is the co-author of various publications, as well as interviews and essays for magazines and newspapers. He spent twenty years as a writer for Playboy Magazine. With Richard Decker and Kari Hildebrand, Crane co-produced the short films “Mirage” and “She’ll Never Make It to the Olympics.”


Karen Leslie Crane is an accomplished makeup artist and designer. She is best known for her works in Starship: Rising (2014),  and Bountiful (2010), and The Practice (1997).

Net Worth

Although nothing, in particular, can be found out in the context of net worth individually for Karen, Bob and Anne’s net worth can be considered as Karen’s net worth; even though it should be divided among the siblings.


Karen is seen accomplishing a good deal in her life, although a lot of things remain unknown in her life, it seems she is a strong-willed female reaching heights.