Justin Hylton Williams

What You May Not Know About Justin Hylton Williams

Justin Hylton Williams is the son of Christopher Williams. Justin was born in October 1988 to the American singer and songwriter Williams and Maya Hylton, a fashion pioneer. When Justin Hylton Williams was born, his mother, Maya Hylton, was nineteen years old, and she was not married to Christopher Williams.

Justin Hylton is the first son of Christopher Williams, and he decided to step in his father’s footsteps and become a singer like him. Justin stayed in New York with his parents until he decided to go to Altane when he was twelve years old to record demos. While there, Justin started playing a role in a few projects. After returning from Altane, he decided to start his music career.

Justin Hylton Williams’ Parents

Justin, the famous R&B singer, is proud to have supportive parents. His father, Christopher Williams, was born in August 1967 in New York, Virginia, US, and he is a famous R&B singer who gained the limelight for his role in Talk to Me in 1989. Moreover, Justin Hylton Williams’ father played other roles in New Jack City and Bulletproof in 1990 and 1996, respectively.

Maya Hylton is the mother of Justin Hylton Williams, and she was born in January 1973. Maya was nineteen when she gave birth to Justin and was not married to Justin’s father. Maya Hylton is famous for being a fashion industry pioneer. In 1990, Maya styled many hip-hop songs.

Justin Hylton Williams’ Siblings

Justin Hylton Williams is known to have many half-siblings. Austin Williams is Justin’s brother and half sibling and was born in October 1991. Austin is now an actor, and he started his career in 2009 after he completed his studies in Ocean Spring. Austin Williams was born to Justin Hylton’s father and Stacey Dash, a former talk show host and an actress.

Justin Hylton William is also having another sibling Cierra Barnes-Williams. Cierra was born in 1993 by Justin ‘s father and Heather Barnes. Justin Hylton Williams’ father shared a photo of Cierra; she looks like her father. Whoever there is no other information about her or her career.

Justin Hylton William’s Father ‘s Wives

Justin Hylton Williams ‘father dated Justin’s mother, Halley Barrey, from 1991 to 1992 and Stacey Dash from 1989 to 1991. Williams married Natalie Macklin in 1995 in Clark Country, Nevada, United States. Up to date, William is married to Natalie.

Natalie Macklin was born in August 1967, but she had no children with the famous singer and songwriter.

Justin Hylton William’s Career and Net Worth

Justin Hylton Williams is the son of the famous R&B singer and songwriter Christopher Williams, and it was not hard for him to start his singing career. His father was supportive and encouraged him when he started his career.

Justin Hylton Williams being a hardworking man, succeeding in his career was easy. The American singer has become famous, leading to his high income as a singer and songwriter. The actor is very private and has not disclosed any information about his income, but he is estimated to have a net worth of around $2 million.