Julia Laurette Randall Career, Family, & More

Famously known for her Emmy winner father, Julia Laurette Randall is an actress as well as the celebrity daughter of famous actor Tony Randall. Tony had Julia and her younger brother quite late in his life. He was in his mid 70s when he married Julia’s mother, Heather Harlan.

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Personal Life of Julia Laurette Randall

Julia Laurette Randall is the elder child of the late actor Tony Randall with his second wife, the actress Heather Harlan. She was born on April 11, 1997, in New York City. Julia Laurett Randall was named after her paternal grandmother Julia. Her middle name, Laurette, was from her father’s favorite actress, Laurette Taylor.

Julia’s father was 77 years old when she was born. Her mother was only 27 at that time. Tony Randall was an only child, and his parents died when he was young, so he was raised by his grandparents. Heather Harlan comes from a large family; she has four siblings. The couple married in 1995. They welcomed their son Jefferson on June 15, 1998.

Julia Laurette’s Education & Career

Tony Randall died in 2004, when Julia was seven years old. His death was a shock to the family, and Julia was very close to her father. After Tony’s death Heather Harlan has continued to work as an actress, and she, Julia, and Jefferson live in New York City. Julia was a student at the Dalton School.

In 2012, Julia made her acting debut in the film “The Brass Teapot”, which her mother produced. She has also appeared in the TV series “Madam Secretary” and the film “The Girl on the Train”. Julia’s brother also wants to become an actor. He recently finished his degree in Film Studies.

All about Tony Randall

Born Aryeh Leonard Rosenberg on February 26, 1920, Anthony Leonard Randall was popularly called Tony Randall. Randall attended Tulsa Central High School. He then studied at Northwestern University, where he was a member of the Sigma Nu fraternity. He graduated from Northwestern in 1941 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama and Speech.

Randall served in the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. He was a navigator on B-29 Superfortress bombers and saw action in the Pacific Theater. He was shot down over Japan and was held as a prisoner of war for two years.

Tony Randall’s Career in Hollywood

After the war, Randall moved to New York City and studied acting with Uta Hagen. Randall’s film debut came in 1952 with the film Titanic. His other film credits include The Seven Year Itch (1955), Pillow Talk (1959), Lover Come Back (1961), and Send Me No Flowers (1964).

Randall won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series for his role as Felix Unger in The Odd Couple. He was also nominated for an Emmy Award for the same role.


Tony Randall had been popular as an actor, director, and producer for three decades. He was best known for his role as Felix Unger in the television series The Odd Couple, which ran from 1970 to 1975. Julia Laurette Randall is interested in acting and filmmaking, and the 25-year-old has said that she would like to follow in her parents’ footsteps.