Who is Journey Ruth Payne?

Journey Ruth Payne is a celebrity child who gained the limelight for being the daughter of famous parents. Journey’s mother is called Natalie Nunn, a reality television personality; her father is Jacob Payne, a footballer.

Journey Ruth’s mother has dated several high-profile men, and it is no wonder many people have been curious about her family life. She dated men like Chris Brown, Rihanna’s younger brother, and many others, although he walked down the aisle with Jacob Payne in 2012.

Although there have been rumors regarding Journey Ruth Payne’s parents getting separated, there is no evidence to support the claims. Journey’s parents have posted pictures of their cute daughter, and she has gained followers because of her great beauty.

When Was Journey Ruth Payne Born?

Journey was welcomed by her parents in 2017. The happy couple announced in 2016 that they were expecting a baby, and when they held her in their hands, they shared a picture of the beautiful girl on their social media.

Before Journey was born, her parents had announced another pregnancy where they indicated they would welcome a child in 2014. Unfortunately, Natalie Nunn had a miscarriage, losing her child. The incident did not prevent the reality television personality from having a child; she tried a second time. She gave birth to Journey when she was thirty-two.

Who is Journey Ruth Payne’s Mother

Natalie Nunn, an American reality television personality, is Journey Payne’s mother. On December 26, in Concord, California, Nunn was born to Karen and Earl Nunn. In her family, they were two children, and she had a brother, Ronald Nunn.

Nunn’s mother took two jobs to raise Nunn and her brother. She joined Aragon High School, where she was active in sports. She competed in the 2002 Junior Olympics and then attended the University of Southern California, where she played in the Women’s soccer team.

Journey’s mother rose to fame when she appeared in Bad Girls Club. She appeared in a few seasons, and although she was removed in season four for misbehaving, the show’s success resulted in her return in seasons five and six.

How Did Journey Ruth Payne’s Parents Meet?

While Nunn appeared in Detroit, Michigan, she met her current husband, Jacob Payne, a football player and star for Arizona Rattlers. Nunn and her boyfriend started dating in 2011 before Payne officially proposed to her while on a trip to Jamaica.

The marriage of Ruth’s parents was done in 2014 and was aired twice on television. Payne and Nunn talked about their marriage in a television show, explaining why the couple rose to fame.

What is Natalie Nunn’s Career?

Natalie Nunn has been a television personality since 2009, helping her rise to fame. Nunn took part in Bad Girls show from 2009 to 2012, which made her recognized by many people.

Currently, Natalie Nunn hosts a Filmon Tv show, The Tea Party with Natalie Nunn, where she talks about domestic and international events. Moreover, she uses the show to talk about her projects.