Joshua Mackenzie Hanson, Personal Life and Net Worth

Joshua Mackenzie Hanson is the youngest of the Hanson brothers, and like his elder brothers, he has become a musician. In 2018, Joshua Hanson posted on his Facebook account that he had formed his music band and was about to release his first song.

Joshua Mackenzie Hanson came from a powerful family of musicians, but he chose to build his career and find his voice. Mac formed Joshua & Holly Rollers band and was determined to get into the music charts like the Hanson band of his brothers did in the 90s.

Joshua Mackenzie Hanson’s Siblings

Joshua has three elder brothers, Isaac, Taylor, and Zac, who formed a successful music band in the 1990s. Joshua grew up in the shadow of his broJoshua Mackenzie Hanson, Personal Life and Net Worththers, but it did not discourage him from finding his path in music.

Joshua Mackenzie Hanson grew up relating music to his brothers. He knew music was their thing, and he shunned music, telling himself he had to find his identity. Looking back at the ego, Joshua thinks it can waste someone and make him deviate from what was meant for him.

Joshua’s song Looking Back featured on the billboard, expressed how his ego might have cost him his music career, thinking he was meant for something different. Joshua compared his hesitance to start music early to fear what people would think of him.

Why Didn’t Joshua Mackenzie Hanson Join the Hanson Band

When many people heard of Joshua, the youngest of the Hanson brothers setting to release music, many expected it to be with his elder brothers. The Hanson brothers formed the Hanson band, the badest trio pop-rock band that topped the billboard in the 90s.

Joshua revealed that it would have been easier to join the Hanson brothers, but he feared accusations of nepotism. He struggled to figure out who he was and never wanted to be identified by his brothers’ efforts. Mac revealed that he loved and respected his brothers, but it was best if he started where they had started rather than joining them.

Joshua spent his childhood with his family, and it was obvious that music grew in him from a young age. He spent time on the roads, and homeschooling worked best for him. When he was fourteen, he wrote his first music.

But because he feared nepotism accusations, he ignored the inner call of being a musician and started college at fourteen. He studied cinematography, video production, and English, relocated to Los Angeles at 16, and started work in the film industry.

Mac also doubled as director, writer, and actor. While he was on a trip playing guitar and singing the song he wrote at 14, he decided to venture into the family business and become a musician like his brothers.

He had been told to use his inner voice but ignored it. He finally came to terms with the fact that he was a talented musician and was supposed to be proud of his talent. His brothers’ struggles and successes inspired him, and he set out to make a record.