Joseph Patrick Swanson, Personal Life and Net Worth

Joseph Patrick Swanson was the darling son of the Hollywood household name Gloria Swanson. The mother of Joseph Patrick Swanson was one of the most popular and biggest actresses of her time and this is the reason that Joseph Patrick Swanson is mainly popular because of her. Today, they both died. You must have already known a lot about the actress mother of Joseph Patrick Swanson, so today let’s find out some information about Joseph Patrick Swanson himself.

Read further to unfold the details about childhood, parent, siblings, education, work, net worth, and other things about Joseph Patrick Swanson.

Personal life

Joseph Patrick Swanson was born as a normal kid like you and me in 1922 but his life changed forever when the American actress Gloria Swanson adopted him in 1923. Yes, he is not the biological son of the actress. During that time, his mother was married to Herbert K Sanborn. So, he is the father of Joseph Patrick Swanson. Besides this, nothing much is available about the birth details of Joseph Patrick Swanson.

If you talk about his love life, the same goes for this too. Joseph Patrick Swanson hasn’t disclosed even a single detail regarding his personal life. After living a peaceful life for 53 years, Joseph Patrick Swanson died in 1975.

Parents and siblings

Joseph Patrick Swanson was the adopted son of American actress Gloria Swanson and her then-husband Herbert K Sanborn. The parents of Joseph Patrick Swanson got married in 1919 but ended up with a divorce just within a couple of years. As for the profession, you already know that the mother of Joseph Patrick Swanson was a renowned actress, while his father was the president of the equity pictures corporation at that time. Later, he also owned Brown Derby restaurant. If you talk about the siblings of Joseph Patrick Swanson, he had two siblings from his mother. Their names are not known though.


With the fact that Joseph Patrick Swanson was 53 years old when he died, there is a possibility that he might have had kids if he had ever married.

Education and profession

Though Joseph Patrick Swanson was the son of a celebrity mother, his personal life was not publicized. His mother has kept it really under wraps. Given the fact, the educational, as well as professional background of Joseph Patrick Swanson, is not known.

Reason for the popularity of Joseph Patrick Swanson

This goes without saying that the only reason for the popularity of Joseph Patrick Swanson is his mother, an academy award nominee actress, who has accomplished too much in her film career.

Net worth of Joseph Patrick Swanson

As you know that the profession of Joseph Patrick Swanson is not known, estimating his net worth is not possible. Since he was the son of a rich mother, who had an estimated net worth of around 1.5 million at the time of her death, Joseph Patrick Swanson must have enjoyed an opulent lifestyle.


Joseph Patrick Swanson was not born into a prestigious family but he was definitely born with a rich destiny because he ended up being the son of such a notable personality. Not just that, but he also enjoyed life like a king.