Know about John Seventa, Husband of American Actress Mariette Hartley

John Seventa was the first husband of American actress, Mariette Hartley. Mariette Hartley is best remembered for her work alongside James Garner in a series of Polaroid ads. John Seventa is recognized due to his ex-wife, Mariette Hartley.

John Seventa’s Family

John Seventa, being a private person, hasn’t disclosed much about himself or his family on the internet. However, John Seventa’s wife, a popular figure and actress Mariette Hartley was born on 21st June, 1940 in Weston, Connecticut. Mariette was born as Mary Loretta, (a name she never liked) to a saleswoman, Mary Polly Ickes

and accountant Paul Hembree Hartley. She was raised in Weston, Connecticut, a wealthy enclave in Fairfield County close to Manhattan.

She earned her diploma from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1965. John’s wife’s grandfather was a psychologist who founded the behaviourist psychological school. His name was John B. Watson, born to Pickens Butler Watson and Emma Kesiah Watson. John’s father was addicted to alcohol and when he was too young he left him and his mother for another woman. John and his mother moved to Greenville, South Carolina in hope to make their lives better by finding better jobs.

John Seventa’s Psychological Issues

John Seventa’s wife Mariette Hartley had psychiatric problems, which she blamed on having been brought up on her grandfather’s views. Due to Watson’s continued liaison with his student, Rosalie Rayner, his wife later filed for divorce. Mary uncovered love letters Watson had sent to his girlfriend while investigating Rayner’s bedroom.

During the divorce process, the affair generated front-page news in the Baltimore newspapers. Johns Hopkins University would urge Watson to resign from his professor position in October 1920 as a result of the publicity. Following the divorce, Watson and Rayner got married in New Jersey in 1920. They went on to have two boys, William Rayner Watson (1921) and James Broadus Watson (1924), who were also raised according to the behaviourist tenets that John had championed throughout his career.

Rayner and the couple remained together till his passing at age 36. However, both of their sons committed suicide. In 1963 John Watson’s daughter and Mariette’s mother committed suicide as Mariette’s father did. It is believed that bipolar disorder ran in the family.

John Seventa’s Career

John Seventa’s profession and career remains unknown to the world. But now as we already know, his wife Mariette Hartley went on to become a famous American actress. Some of Mariette’s movies include Ride the High Country, Marnie, The Magnificent Seven Ride, Novel Romance, Improper Channels, etc. She also went on to make appearance in television shows such as Stoney Burke, Gunsmoke, The Twilight Zone, The Hero, Star Trek: The Original Series, The Outsider and more.