Isabella Patricia Phillips Parents, Career, Education, and Net Worth

Isabella Patricia Philips is Lou Diamond Philips’s daughter, born on October 5, 1997. She is one of her parents’ three daughters, and her parents’ fame brought the limelight to Patricia. The other siblings to Isabella are Grace Moorea and Lil Jordan Philips, and they grew up together, taking care of each other.

Isabella Patricia’s Parents

Isabella Patricia’s parents are celebrities and their many years in the entertainment industry made their family famous. Patricia’s parents have not yet revealed how they met. Still, they walked down the aisle in 1997, and Kelly Preston and Lou Diamond Philips became a family in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

The beautiful wedding lasted thirteen years before the couple decided to quit. Despite meditation, the marriage ended badly, and they separated in 2003. The divorce process was finalized in July 2007, but they were still happy to have their three daughters from the relationship.

After Isabella’s parents separated in 2003, her father started seeing a makeup artist Yvonne Bosimier in the following year. Lou was charged with Domestic battery against her in 2006, and on August 2007, they exchanged vows in a wedding ceremony. On October 2007, Isabella’s father and Yvonne welcomed their daughter Indigo.

Besides Yvonne being a makeup artist, she is a writer and helped Luo write and publish his first novel.

Where is Isabella Patricia Phillips’ Mother

Isabella’s mother has been away from the limelight since she divorced her first husband, Lou Philips. Although Philips got into another marriage immediately after their separation, Isabella’s mother has not revealed her whereabouts. Thus, it is hard to tell if the beautiful lady entered into another relationship later or if she focused on taking care of her girls.

How Many Times Was Isabella Patricia’s Father Married?

Isabella’s father was married three times. At the start of his career, he met Julie Cypher, an assistant director, and they exchanged vows on September 17, 1987. The marriage was short-lived, and they divorced on August 5, 1990.

After the divorce, Cypher became a lesbian and started a long-term relationship with Melissa Etheridge.

Again, during his career, he met Jennifer Tilly in 19992, and they were engaged for a short while. The engagement ended later, and Lou married a makeup artist Kelly Preston. Kelly Preston and Lou had three daughters: two twins, Isabella and Grace, and Lili, born in September 1999.

Lou Diamond Philipps’ Legal Battles

Despite Isabella’s father being a celebrity, he has been involved in several scandals which led to legal implications. On August 11, 2006, Lou was charged with disturbing domestic peace due to the loud noise coming from his house, which he shared with his girlfriend, Yvonne. As a result of the case, he was sentenced to three years probation.

Philips was arrested on November 2. 2017, for stopping his car while intoxicated and asking for a police officer for directions. He was arrested and released after posting bail for reckless driving. Due to a plea deal, Philips was released with two years of probation.