Isabella Christina Chism

Learning Everything About Isabella Christina Chism

Philip Chism’s sister is Isabella Christina Chism .The attempted murder case against Philip Chism, a 15-year-old Massachusetts boy suspected of raping and killing his math teacher in a high school bathroom, stems from a previous incident on a female youth services worker.

At the time of the incident, which took place in October 2013 at a high school in Danvers, he was 14 years old. Chism was convicted of first-degree murder, rape, and armed robbery two years after Colleen Ritzer died.

Mother’s Reaction on Crime Committed By Philip

The mother of the Massachusetts adolescent accused of killing his teacher in a school toilet asks for prayers for her son and expresses her grief at the teacher’s passing. In a statement made public by the lawyer for her son, Diana Chism also requested prayers for the dead Colleen Ritzer family, expressing that her “heart is crushed for the Ritzer family and the loss of their daughter and sister.” On Tuesday after school, Philip Chism, then 14, is accused of killing Ritzer and dumping her body in the woods behind the school. He is being held without bail. The statement from the defense attorney read, “Ms. Chism would like you to know that her son was born in love and is beloved to her, very dear.”

Mental Illness In The Family

One of Philip Chism’s relatives took the stand for the first time in the murder and rape trial of a well-liked math teacher at Danvers High School yesterday, revealing that the family has a history of mental illness.  However, lawyers for Chism assert that the adolescent hears voices in his head and are attempting an insanity defense. However, prosecution witnesses questioned that plan on Tuesday, claiming that their testing revealed Chism was exaggerating the severity of his mental condition. He does have a fantasy life, and he may choose to withdraw into it in times of stress, according to Dr. Kelly Casey. But he does appear to be aware of the distinction between reality and fiction, and he shown no signs of getting lost in a fantastical setting.

Parent’s Divorce

According to paperwork that Heavy was able to get, Diana Chism filed for divorce from Stacy Chism in March 2001. Philip was born in January 1999, and the couple wed in September 1998. The divorce was not formalized since the couple got back together in the summer of 2001. According to the records, Stacy Chism’s visitation privileges would be supervised by the mother.

Father’s Occupation

Stacy Chism, Phil Chism’s father, was a military man, according to The Boston Globe’s interview with Chism’s Tennessee soccer coach. Stacy Chism would go to games, sometimes in uniform, while his father wasn’t on active duty, he continued. According to The Boston Globe, Stacy Chism did not go to Massachusetts with the family but instead maintained communication. However, Fox 17 in Tennessee claims that his father did move to Massachusetts along with the rest of the family.


For the murder of Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer, Philip Chism was given a life sentence in jail with the possibility of release after 25 years by a Salem Superior Court judge. Chism, on the other hand, received a 40-year prison term for both the rape and the robbery. Chism, who is 17 years old, won’t be able to be released from prison until he’s 54 years old.