How Volunteers Can Work With HOA Management

Many HOAs may rely on volunteers to assist with administrative, financial, and sometimes legal responsibilities. In situations where the workload is too large or complicated for volunteers, HOA management companies can help. Management companies can oversee operations and offer guidance to board members. These companies can help HOAs whose volunteers do not have the expertise or time necessary to self-manage an HOA.

If you have an HOA management company or are considering getting one, you may be curious about how volunteers can work with HOA management. An HOA with professional management experience and willing volunteers can be in an ideal position to improve a community’s processes and amenities.

How Volunteers Can Work With HOA Management

HOA management can advise volunteers on how to run a community effectively. Many management companies have experience with HOAs of varying sizes and needs. There are many different ways that volunteers can work with management, including:

Join the HOA Board

Board members are usually elected by community association members. Once elected, you may have to make sure the community is compliant with its governing documents, preside over meetings, and resolve complaints. Serving on the board can allow you to participate in the discussions and decisions that directly affect your community. If you are interested in volunteering but do not have significant time to dedicate to the HOA, then becoming a board member may not be your best option.

Board members can work with management by assisting with financial, administrative, and maintenance responsibilities. HOA management companies can be experienced in these areas and can help guide inexperienced members. When board members take on these tasks, management may have more time to dedicate to other areas of the HOA.

Join the Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood watch programs can enlist the help of volunteers and community members with the goal of reducing crime in their neighborhoods. The community might educate on crime prevention, patrol neighborhoods, or conduct home security surveys. Using these tactics and working with local law enforcement, neighborhood watch programs can do their part to reduce local crime.

Residents can volunteer to join the neighborhood watch if the program is already in place. If there isn’t one, then volunteers can inquire about starting one themselves. HOA management can offer guidance on how to run a watch program, and volunteers can improve the community and help their management company by running it themselves.

Serve on a Committee

If you want to serve your community but do not have the time to be on the board, consider serving on a committee. Committees can oversee different responsibilities, such as finance, social, and landscaping — so you can pick one that works well for you. If your HOA does not have a committee, consider speaking with the board about starting one.

Plan an Event

Volunteers can join an event planning committee, or they can plan an event themselves. Whether it’s pool parties, BBQs, or holiday gatherings, events can encourage residents to get involved and interact with their neighbors.

Planning an event can bring residents together and improve their relationship with their community. Happy community members may also lead to more volunteers, which can result in happier residents and lighter workloads for the board and management.

Maintain the Community

Another helpful way that volunteers can work with community management is by helping maintain the community. Keeping the community clean and maintaining the landscaping can go a long way in keeping the community appealing. Making sure the community is kept in good shape can also help retain property values, as it gives a better impression to new buyers.

Ask your board if there is a cleaning committee or a landscaping committee. If not, you can invite other volunteers to help clean up trash, or complete landscaping tasks such as weeding. Make sure you get permission from the board so that you are not breaking any HOA rules.

Volunteer in Your Community Today

Volunteering can be a great way to improve your community. Whether you want to serve on the board or join a committee that suits your interests, your HOA will likely appreciate the help. Not only can you help your board and fellow residents through your service, but you can also work with your HOA management company to make sure your community is at its best and running smoothly.