How to Style Viking Tunics

A new year brings a few things — like resolutions, a fresh start, and inspiration. And if you’re looking to go back in time during this new year, medieval fashion should be at the top of your list.

Medieval fashion has been blowing up the internet and Instagram. From dirndls to corsets, there’s so much you can do with this type of style. However, one of the most important yet underappreciated items in this style is the Viking tunics.

While they may seem scary to wear, they’re quite simple to style. So if you’ve been wondering how to wear a Viking tunic in modern times, read on. We’re here to help.

With Long Bell-shaped Sleeves and Belted Waist

Viking tunics with long bell-shaped sleeves and belted waists are a timeless fashion statement that can be styled in many ways. Adding a belt to the waist will create a slim silhouette. Highlight the sleeve shape with puffed-up cuffs, or add a wrist cuff for a more defined look.

Accessories are the key to making a belly-sleeved tunic stand out. Don’t forget to add thigh boots to complete your warrior look. There are numerous styling possibilities with Viking Tunics.

With a belted waist and bell-shaped sleeves, you will be sure to make a bold statement. If you want to learn more about Viking style and tunics, here is a website with tunic Viking.

Pair a Sleeveless Tunic With a Pair of Slim Fit Jeans

When styling a modern look with Viking tunics, one great way to do so is by pairing a sleeveless tunic with a pair of slim-fit jeans. Start by selecting a dark-colored tunic. This will provide a more modern look as opposed to a brightly-colored or patterned material.

Then, choose a pair of slim-fit jeans in a complementary color. This will provide a slim, flattering silhouette and create a striking look. Finish the outfit with a pair of boots, either knee-high or ankle-high depending on the length of your jeans.

Finally, accessorize the outfit with jewelry inspired by Viking culture for the finishing touch. With the steps above, you can combine Viking clothes with modern style for a unique, eye-catching outfit.

With a Linen Head Scarf and a Belt With a Decorative Brooch or Buckle

Viking tunics can easily be given a modern touch by styling them with a linen head scarf and a belt with a decorative brooch or buckle. Start by wrapping the headscarf around your head, covering your hair and part of your face. Next, put on your Viking tunic and tie the belt around your waist.

To complete the look, add a decorative brooch or buckle to the belt. This will bring a beautiful and timeless look to your tunic and make it eye-catching.

By opting for a linen head scarf, belt, and buckle or brooch, you are making sure that your Viking clothing gets the attention it deserves. The combination of a linen head scarf, belt, and buckle or brooch creates a cool vintage-inspired look that can be worn almost anywhere.

Try Out a Viking Tunics Today

If you want to stand out and make a statement with your clothing, Viking Tunics may be the perfect choice for you. There are many types of tunics you can choose from, which can be perfect for you.

With their unique style, variety of colors, and intricate designs these garments can be a fun way to add a little flare to your wardrobe. Why not start styling with Viking Tunics today?

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