How To Install a Big Ass Tire Step

Installing a big ass truck tire step can be effortless if you choose a premium step designed with your machine in mind. You should be able to quickly install and remove the step without straining.

Truck tires can come in varying dimensions, and so do tire steps. You should choose a tire step that accommodates the size of your truck’s tires and rims. Some tire steps have a simple, foldable construction that goes over your truck’s tire. The tool may also feature an ergonomic, one-hand release system.

What You Need to Install a Big Ass Tire Step

You can usually install a tire step with basic hand tools. Most tire steps can work with a specific range of tire sizes and arrive ready for use. Some steps can feature one platform, while others can offer two or three steps to give you variable height options when working. Big ass tire steps can also come in different designs, so installation may vary from one brand to another. Here’s everything you need to install the step:

1. The Right Big Ass Tire Step

When choosing a step, stick to steps that offer safe access to the engine compartment of most heavy-duty trucks and tractors. If you own a truck repair workshop, you may even use the step on various client trucks. Check the minimum and maximum tire widths the step can accommodate and compare with your clients’ truck tire sizes. Check the width of your own vehicle’s tires if you use the step for your own machines. Some steps can fit tires with tread widths up to 11.5 inches. Other units have smaller widths.

You should also look for bumpers to protect your badass rims and wheels. Look for tire steps that feature solid bumpers and powder-coated surfaces. Powder coating can extend the construction’s life, so you can use it repeatedly. You can also look for a foldable tire step for easy storage.

The platforms of steps should feature sturdy metal that can support your weight and other tools you may carry when working on the engine. Stick to products manufactured in ISO-certified facilities. Leading brands can also offer OSHA-compliant steps. The right step should give you the best service.

2. Tire Step Instruction Manual

Truck tire platforms can be easy to install, but you should always pay attention to the user manual. Manufacturers offer the instruction manual to help you follow the correct procedure for unboxing, inspecting, installing, and unfolding the step. The manual may also feature instructions concerning cleaning, storage, and maintenance. Before you install the tire step, go through the user manual from the first page to the last.

Reading the user manual can help you to install the step as intended by the manufacturer. In the manual, you can find helpful information about recommended truck tire widths, where and how to install the steps, and precautions. The manual can help you to avoid mistakes that can damage the step or your badass rims. Each tire step model can have unique features and installation instructions. If the unit has unique features like a one-hand release, find out how to use it before mounting the step. Don’t assume the same process when using a new step. Even products from the same brand may feature improvements and changes in the installation process.

The goal is to follow the guide the manufacturer provides for their product. Using the manual allows you to protect your tool and client’s trucks. You can also request a manual or installation demo from the manufacturer.

Step By Step Installation of a Truck Tire Step

Once you’ve read the user manual, you can proceed with the installation. You should also examine the unit thoroughly before installation. Assembly, packaging, and shipping can knock out some components and result in loose parts. Make sure all bolts and components are tightened as instructed.

Here are the steps to install a big ass tire step:

  • Align the step’s width with the truck’s tire and press the topmost platform downwards. The topmost step should rest on top of the tire, with the first outer harness aligned with the inner harness.
  • Unfold the remaining steps and secure the unit onto the truck.
  • Use the one-hand release handle to remove the step when done.
  • Fold the unit back into the position it arrived in to make sure it collapses correctly.

Key Takeaways for Tire Step Installation

When installing a big ass tire step, stick to the instructions in your manual. Experienced mechanics shouldn’t experience any challenges installing or using a step, but you can check the manufacturer’s manual if you run into any trouble. Buy the best truck tire step for your vehicle or workshop based on the vehicles you use or the fleet you work on. You should also secure the step on the tire and test it before use.