Custom Printed Tuck Boxes

Here’s What We Discovered About Custom Printed Tuck Boxes!

Do you want your products to look attractive on the retail shelves? Use custom printed tuck boxes today!

Numerous businesses use tuck packaging boxes to display and package their products. The tuck boxes are a perfect option to deliver commodities towards their destination safely.

The trendy and different styles of a tuck box are a popular choice of many renowned brands. When printed in unique designs and patterns, a tuck box looks even more captivating. There are several printing options to choose from when designing custom-printed tuck-top boxes.

In this blog, we will have an overview of printing solutions that can give your boxes, as well as products, an eye-capturing look. Apart from that, we will go through the topmost reasons for using these boxes. So, let’s jump into the blog straight away!

Printing Solutions 

Since tuck boxes are highly adaptable, you can print them in innumerable designs and styles. Furthermore, through printing techniques, you can design the boxes in vibrant graphics, so they look attractive instantly.

Moreover, you can also utilize printing methods to print all the necessary information about your product. You just have to ensure that the inks used are high-quality, so the content is clearly visible on the boxes. The commonly-used printing methods are:

  1. Flexographic Printing

In flexographic printing, a big rubber stamp is employed. The big rubber stamp is what we refer to as a printing plate. The printing plate makes the printing task a lot easier for printers. The reason is it allows you to select the ink and stamp it right away on the packaging boxes.

  1. Digital Printing

The functions that digital printing performs resemble that of the laser jet printer. Digital printing is utilized chiefly for small custom tuck boxes. Its procedure is pretty simple; inks are mixed and then applied straight on the top of the boxes.

  1. Litho Printing

This printing method is quite common among well-known leading packaging companies. Basically, this printing technique aims to give the boxes high-resolution effects, so the boxes look of premium quality.

Why Use Custom Printed Tuck Box?

  1. Increase the Potential Customers 

As we know, custom packaging boxes are available in a number of colours, styles and designs. As a result, you can easily get a tuck box according to your product and customer’s needs. This will leave a positive impression on your audience. It will make them think that your brand tries its best to ensure customer satisfaction, turning them into your life-long clients.

  1. Easy To Use

When customers go out to purchase a product, the first thing that comes into their sight is the product’s packaging. Next, customers see whether the packaging is easy to use or not. Custom printed tuck boxes wholesale, being user-friendly and adaptable, allow businesses and customers to access the box with ease. Due to the ease of use of a tuck box, visitors will fall for your products without any second thought.

  1. Offers Protection and Security 

With a custom tuck box, you can ensure that the items inside stay intact and don’t roam around in the box. Also, the boxes are ideal for safely shipping the products to farther places. The products won’t damage or break during transit and will be delivered towards the users in secure condition.

What else? By printing details about how to use precautionary measures, you can minimize the likelihood of any damage to the box and products inside. Because now the users will know how to handle the box with care.

  1. Captivating Way To Present Products

Since custom printed tuck boxes possess a mesmerizing style, they are perfect for showcasing products with grace. Plus, when you add a see-through window on the tuck box, it serves like a cherry on top of the cake. The products look even more exciting to the customers and help them make an informed decision regarding their purchase.

  1. Efficient Plus Budget-Friendly Boxes 

Custom tuck packaging boxes are highly efficient in that they require only one print during the printing process compared to other packaging options. On top of that, they are an economical packaging choice for businesses. This is especially beneficial for startup brands looking for economical product packaging.

Add-ons Available For Custom Printed Tuck Packaging

  • Laminations: These are mostly utilized to give the custom packaging boxes a shiny look. On top of that, lamination serves as an added layer on a box and keeps the box safe against toxic elements. The toxic elements could be dust, dirt, and many other contaminants.
  • UV Coating: This coating is utilized to give the boxes a gloss or matte effect. When you use this technique to treat some selected box areas, it is then termed Spot UV.
  • Embossing: Embossing, as the name suggests, embosses a certain area of a box. The purpose of using this technique on the box is to raise a specific area on a box while giving it a 3-D look.
  • Debossing: Debossing is the opposite of embossing and is utilized to push down a selected area of tuck boxes. The reason for doing so is to give the packaging a raised appearance.

Final Words!

To sum up, custom-printed tuck packaging is vital in enhancing your products’ appearance to the next level. The items inside will look more engaging to the audience, and they won’t resist purchasing your products. As a result, your sales will increase exceptionally, and you can grow your business quickly!