Who is Gracie Frances Penner’s Parents?

Grace Frances Penner is the celebrity daughter of Gretchen Wilson and her first husband, Mike Penner. Grace was born on 9th November 2000 when her parents were together, although they later broke up. Grace Fraces’ parents met in 1996, and they started dating. Their relationship lasted nine years with a blessing of a beautiful girl before they called it off. If you want to learn more about Gracie Frances penner and her parents, you are right!

Who is Grace Frances’s Mother

Grace Frances Penner’s mother is called Gretchen Frances Wilson, a country singer from America recognized for Redneck Woman, a Grammy award-winning single track that topped the American music chart.

Gretchen Wilson was born on June 1973 in Pocahontas, Illinois, USA, and she grew up with her single mother. In her teens, she left school and her home to pursue her love for music.

She ventured into country music in 2003 when she was signed into Epic records. She started working on her first album the same year, which came out in 20014. The album was entitled Here for the Party and performed tremendously, topping the USA charts.

The album produced some of the best hits, like When I Think About Cheatin and Redneck Woman, which made the album sales shoot.

In 2005, Gracie’s mother released another album, All Jacked Up, which also topped the US country chart. Moreover, the album was certified gold in Canada and helped the musician increase her net worth.

Gretchen was growing famous, and almost all the albums she released before 2010 appeared on the charts. Her popularity started decreasing later and one of her latest albums, Under the Covers, reached number in the US Country chart. Although the albums helped her raise her net worth, they performed lower than other albums.

Gretchen Frances Wilson left Epic Records in 2009 after working for more than five years, and she began her record called Redneck Records in 2009. Her talent was evident, and it enabled her to receive several awards.

Redneck Woman made Gretchen win the Best Female Country Vocal Performance in 2005 and received many other awards like CMA Female Vocalist of the Year 2005.

Where is Gracie Frances Penner’s Mother

Gretchen currently resides in Lebanon, Tennessee, where she continues to engage in charity activities. She is a recognized supporter of charity work and has organized charity concerts helping her to raise over $1.5 million.

Controversies Regarding Gretchen Wilson

Although Wilson has ensured she lives a quiet life, she has been involved in legal issues a few times. In 2008, The Black Crowes filed a lawsuit against the musician for copyright violation, alleging the singer copied Crowe’s song.

The case was settled out of court, but the amount was never disclosed. The Black Crowes members were given credit for the alleged song copied by Gretchen.

On August 2018, Gretchen was arrested at Bradley International airport due to a minor disturbance. She was charged with breach of peace, and her bond was set at $1000.