Who is Georgetta Eva Light?

Georgetta Eva Light was born in England, United Kingdom, on May 18, 1879. Her parents are not recognized publicly, but she married Bertram Frank Dean when she was thirty-two in 1912. Georgetta was older by eight years than her husband, but the age difference did not prevent the lovely couple from starting a family.

After marriage, they had two children, Bertram Vere and Elizabeth Gladys. Georgetta and her husband ran a public house in London, which helped them earn an income, bringing up their family.

Why is Georgetta Eva Light Famous?

If you have ever heard of the Titanic disaster, Georgetta was a survivor of the accident. The Dean family boarded the Titanic as third-class passengers, and her parents came to the dock to see them off.

When Georgetta Eva Light, famous as Ettie, was at sea, she wrote a postcard to her parents. The postcard expressed that she was doing fine with her baby in the sea, although the baby was restless.

On the night Titanic sank, Georgetta was awoken by her husband, who informed her of a clash in the ship. Georgetta Eva Light’s husband asked her to keep the children in warm clothes as he went to the docks to check that everything was okay.

Ettie’s husband returned from the docks, and the family went for the lifeboats. The Deans were lucky to get a lifeboat, although it is unclear which lifeboat they rode in.

Later, Georgetta Eva expressed that she lost her son on the Titanic, and her husband returned to the Titanic to find him. He promised to reunite with the family later and went to look for the son. Georgetta reunited with her son later in Carpathia, but her husband was lost in the sinking.

Georgetta arrived in New York and was sent to the hospital with her children. She had lost all hope because of losing her husband, but after recuperating, she got into Adriatic and returned to Kansas, where she would start a new life.

Did Georgetta Eva Light Marry After Titanic?

Georgetta moved to New Forest near Southampton, where she started life after the Titanic disaster. It was in her parents’ home, but she had no hope after the incident. While living with her parents in Ne Forest, she received an Emergency relief Fund of 40 Euros.

In addition to the emergency fund, she received twenty-three weekly shillings to care for her children until they turned eighteen.

After spending a few years as a single parent, she remarried Leonard Burden in 1920. Leonard was the farm vet of her parents’ farm.

Which Lifeboat Did Georgetta Eva Light and Her Child Board?

Many sources indicate differing boats that Ettie and her children were saved during the Titanic ship clash. Ettie indicated her son was in a different boat, while other sources indicated they were in the same boat.

Possibly Georgetta’s son was placed in boat 13 after he wandered off while Georgetta and her daughter were in the boat. They reunited in Capathia before they went to live with Georgetta’s parents.