Ezra Samuel Reiser, Personal Life and Net Worth

Ezra Samuel Reiser is a young celebrity kid, who got to enjoy the stardom of his father from a very young age. He is the son of popular American actor Paul Reiser. Today, we will tell you everything about Ezra Samuel Reiser.

So, read this article and find out the interesting details regarding the life of Ezra Samuel Reiser such as his early life, family, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, love life, and all other details.

Personal life

In September 1995, Paul Reiser and Paula Ravets welcomed their first child and it was Ezra Samuel Reiser. Like his parents, Ezra Samuel Reiser too holds American nationality. Though Ezra Samuel Reiser is born into such a rich and prestigious family he is a little bit unlucky because he has cerebral palsy. Moving on to the love life of this young man, Ezra Samuel Reiser is clever enough to keep it a secret. Since he is never spotted with any girls, we can’t say anything confirmed about his relationship status.

Parents and siblings

Ezra Samuel Reiser is the eldest son of Paul Reiser and Paula Ravets. His parents got married in 1988 and they welcomed their first child in 1995 and it was Ezra Samuel Reiser. After 5 years, Ezra Samuel Reiser was blessed with a sibling to play with. The name of his younger brother is Leon Reiser. Speaking of the professional front of his parents, his father is a renowned American actor, while there is not much available on the profession of his mother.

Education and profession

Though Ezra Samuel Reiser is a celebrity son, there is no information available about his education. His parents always keep them away from the media and this is the reason that his education is a mystery to us, the public. Considering his age, one thing is sure that Ezra Samuel Reiser must be done with his education. As for the profession of Ezra Samuel Reiser, it is an unknown topic for the public as well. However, we assume that the disease of Ezra Samuel Reiser might hinder his professional life to some extent.

Reason for the popularity of Ezra Samuel Reiser

You already know that the main reason for the popularity of Ezra Samuel Reiser is his father, Paul Reiser. Ezra Samuel Reiser definitely grabbed the media attention when he was born but he actually became the central attraction of people when his father disclosed his cerebral palsy issues.

Net worth of Ezra Samuel Reiser

Well, the profession of Ezra Samuel Reiser is not known, so how can we estimate his net worth? Since he is the son of a rich father, he definitely enjoys a privileged lifestyle.  If we talk about the net worth of his actor father, Paul Reiser, he is said to hold around 75 million right now.


It won’t be wrong to say that Ezra Samuel Reiser is a remarkably strong and spirited man because his disease is not stopping him from living life to the fullest. He is always seen smiling every bit of life.