Evelyn Day Bentley

Evelyn Day Bentley: Family, Education, Net Worth

Evelyn Day Bentley, born on October 4, 2008, is the daughter of Dierks Bentley, an American country music songwriter and singer. Her mother is Cassidy Black, and she has two younger siblings, Jordan Catherine Bentley and Knox Bentley.

Passion, Education

Just like her father, Evelyn has a passion for music. When she was three years old, she joined her father on stage while he was performing Thinking of You at a concert in Ryman Auditorium, Nashville. She awed the crowd with her incredible voice as she sang the whole chorus herself.

Evelyn Day Bentley has had great moments with her dad as she has appeared on stage with him on several occasions. Most recently, she was invited to the stage by her father as they sang All I Know So Far, Pink’s cover song. The duo did well as they were cheered by a crowd of fans; indeed, music runs in the family.

The talented youngster’s voice and stage command is something to admire, and we will probably see more from her, or she might even start her music career.

The public knows little about her education, but she is believed to be in a good school.

Her Father

Dierks Bentley is an American musician who started his country music career when he released his first album, with songs such as What Was I Thinkin, My Last Name doing well. Two years later, Evelyn Day Bentley’s father released his second album, Modern Day Drifter, which also did well.

Over the years, he has released ten albums, performed on several shows, and went on several tours. Additionally, Evelyn’s father has won and been nominated for several awards. He won the CMA Award for the Horizon Award in 2005, Music Video of the Year for the song Drunk on a Plane in 2014, and many others

How her Parents Met, Wedding

Evelyn Day’s parents met when they were in eighth grade, they became friends, but Dierks felt he wasn’t good enough for Black. While in high school, they both dated other guys, but things didn’t work out. They later started dating, but it was an on-and-off thing; they even felt they were not meant for each other.

Their relationship had a lot of ups and downs, but in 2005 they had a great emotional connection at a concert when Evelyn’s father opened up to Cassidy Black. Later that year, they got engaged, moved to Mexico, and tied the knot in a private ceremony in a small chapel.

Family Time

Evelyn Day spends a lot of time with her parents and siblings as they go to her father’s shows together; she even takes the role of Elle King at her father’s performance as he was performing. She goes on hikes with her family members and shows support to her mother, who participates in marathons sometimes.

Net worth and Social Media

The youngster lives a good life thanks to her father’s wealth he has amassed over the years through his music. Her father’s net worth as of 2022 is 35 million dollars.

Evelyn Day Bentley is not currently active on social media, but you can find her father on Instagram at @dierksbentley, where he has 2.1 million followers. He is also on Twitter.