Edna Pidgeon Atkins, Personal Life and Net Worth

In today’s world, you will hardly find a person over 100 years old and Edna Pidgeon Atkins is one such person. However, she is not known for her long age but for being the daughter of Canadian-American actor, Walter Pidgeon, two times Oscar award nominee.

If you are already intrigued to find out more details about Edna Pidgeon Atkins, read further. Here, you will get everything from her childhood to parents, siblings to children, love life to education, profession to net worth, and everything.

Personal life

Born in 1921 to Walter Pidgeon and Edna Muriel Pickles, Edna Pidgeon Atkins is a celebrity daughter, who is today 101 years old. Today, she is enjoying a long life but she had an unfortunate childhood because her mother died while giving birth to her. Given the fact, Edna Pidgeon Atkins could not enjoy the love of her mother at all.

However, she was fortunate enough to get true love in her young life. She fell in love with an American man Albert H. Atkins and the couple got married in 1947. They remained together till the death of her husband in 2015.

Parents and siblings

Edna Pidgeon Atkins is the only daughter of Walter Pidgeon and Edna Muriel Pickles, who got married in 1919 and could remain together only for 2 years before the mother of Edna Pidgeon Atkins left the world in 1921. After a few years of this, the father of Edna Pidgeon Atkins married for the second time. Edna Pidgeon Atkins probably does not have any step-siblings either.

Speaking of the professions of her parents, you already know that her father was a renowned American-Canadian actor. He has even won Oscar nominations two times for his remarkable acting. On the other hand, the profession of her mother, Edna Muriel Pickles, is not known.


Edna Pidgeon Atkins had a successful married life with her husband, Albert H. Atkins, and their union yielded two kids, Pam Atkins and Pat Atkins.

Education and profession

Let us tell you directly that there is no confirmed information available on the education as well as profession of Edna Pidgeon Atkins. Since she is the daughter of an actor father, it is pretty obvious that she would have got possibly the best education in her life. As for her profession, she worked in the animation department of MGM before her marriage.

Reason for the popularity of Edna Pidgeon Atkins

Well, the main reason for the popularity of Edna Pidgeon Atkins is her father, Walter Pidgeon, who was a household name in Hollywood during his time.

Net worth of Edna Pidgeon Atkins

The exact net worth of Edna Pidgeon Atkins is not known. However, one thing is sure Edna Pidgeon Atkins is today a millionaire and living her life luxuriously even though she is not physically capable of earning money. The reason is, her actor father left a whopping amount of around 64 million behind when he died.


How unfair life is to Edna Pidgeon Atkins. She could not get love from her mother even a bit. How terrible this thing is. We must say Edna Pidgeon Atkins is a strong woman who knows very well how to handle her emotions.