Devon Devitto, Personal Life and Net Worth

Devon Devitto is a celebrity sister from America, who got to taste popularity because of her popular sisters, Maryelle DeVitto and Torrey DeVitto. Unlike her sister, Devon Devitto herself prefers to stay low profile. However, we tried to find some information about her.

So, read the article and find out about early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, work, net worth, and all other details about Devon Devitto.

Personal life

Devon Devitto was born in 1980 to American couple Liberty DeVitto and Mary DeVitto. The exact DOB of Devon Devitto is not known. She had a wonderful childhood along with her sisters. If we talk about the love life of Devon Devitto, the gorgeous lady has maintained silence on this matter. Since she is 42 years old right now we hope that she might have gotten married and has already started her family.

Parents and siblings

Devon Devitto is the eldest daughter of Liberty DeVitto and Mary DeVitto. Other than her, her parents have three more daughters and their names are Torrey, Maryelle, and Mae Elizabeth Josephine, who were born in 1984, 1998, and 2017 respectively. Torrey and Maryelle are today big actresses in Hollywood. When her parents got married and whether they are together today is not confirmed. As for their professional careers, her father is a popular rock drummer. On the other hand, the profession of Devon Devitto’s mother is not known.


Considering the age of Devon Devitto, we hope that she might have enjoyed motherhood in her life so far. However, this has been confirmed by Devon Devitto herself.

Education and profession

Like many other details, Devon Devitto preferred to keep her educational and professional background a secret only. She has not dropped even a single hint that could help us guess her education and profession. However, since she is a celebrity daughter, it is pretty sure that she would have gained a good education and would be professionally successful too.

Reason for the popularity of Devon Devitto

Her celebrity family members are the main reason for her popularity. She garnered popularity during her childhood because of her musician father. And today, she is mainly a reason for public attention because of her actress sisters, Maryelle DeVitto and Torrey DeVitto, who both are quite successful in the film industry.

Net worth of Devon Devitto

Since Devon Devitto has not disclosed her profession, her net worth is not known either. However, Devon Devitto is one such person who never had a dearth of money in her life. Since her childhood, she enjoyed richness because of her father. Age of 2022, his father has a staggering net worth of around 25 million even at such an old age. In the future, Devon Devitto is definitely going to be a millionaire, as she will inherit her share from her father’s assets.


Despite having many celebrities from her family and enjoying a good level of popularity herself, Devon Devitto does not seem to be interested in the film industry. This is the reason that she completely keeps herself away from all this.