Devlin Shepard Baldwin Young Life, Net Worth and More

Devlin Shepard Baldwin is the son of American actor Adam Baldwin. He was born on October 17, 1996. Very less is known about Devlin on the internet, but we have tried our best to gather all the information about him, his family and career. It is obvious that he got the fame because of his father’s acting career. Continue reading the article to know more.

Net Worth

We don’t know the exact net worth of Devlin and his profession. It is obvious that he got the fame because of his father’s acting career.

Educational Details

As stated before, Devlin’s personal and professional life is private, and we couldn’t find anything about her educational background. Stay connected with us for further updates about him.

Adam Baldwin

American actor Adam Baldwin was born on February 27, 1962. He played the role of Animal Mother in Full Metal Jacket (1987), as well as Jayne Cobb in the television series Firefly and its second part Serenity. He played Stillman in the 1980 film Ordinary People, Colonel John Casey in the film Chuck, and Mike Slattery in the film The Last Ship.

Personal Life

He married actress Ami Julius with whom he has three kids. He supports Ride 2 Recovery, a cycling group created to aid in the rehabilitation of injured veterans. In 2009, he participated in a bike ride challenge called “Don’t Mess with Texas.”


Having appeared in a lot of movies since 1980, Baldwin first gained notoriety as the troubled outsider Ricky Linderman in My Bodyguard (1980). He then progressed to more significant roles in D.C. Cab (1983), Full Metal Jacket (1987), Next of Kin (1989), Predator 2 (1990), Deadbolt (1992), Independence Day (1996), The Patriot (2000), and Serenity (2005), in which he recreates his role from the television series Firefly as the mercenary Jayne.

Net Worth

We don’t know the exact net worth of Adam as it keeps getting fluctuated. He has a net worth of somewhere between USD $5 to $8 million.

Ami Julius

Ami Julius is the mother of Devlin. The actress Ami Julius is best known for playing Kathy in the 1986 film “The Malibu Bikini Shop.” She also gets considerable media attention as Adam Baldwin’s wife.

Education and Family History

Ami has not given any details about her family background, parents, or education. Her lack of public disclosure has raised questions about her true age. We’ll try to find out more about her and update it as soon as possible.

Awards and Upcoming Projects

She received a lot of praise and success for the movie “The Malibu Bikini Shop” because of her outstanding performance. She hasn’t been seen in many movies since her performance in that one. Ami might not be able to manage her time for her acting career because she is busy with her personal life.

Siblings of Devlin Shepard Baldwin

He has two sisters named Zoey Baldin and Jeselle Baldwin. Little is known about their personal and professional life. We are still researching about it. Once we get to know, we’ll update about it.


Most of the celebrities likes to keep their personal life private from the media and public. Therefore, we couldn’t find any more details about Devlin. Stay connected with us to get such updates about the renowned personalities.