Dallas Jeffrey Hart

Dallas Jeffrey Hart – All Personal Facts About Him

Dallas Jeffrey Hart was born on August 11, 1984, to the famous retired wrestler Bret Hart. Dallas Hart was born in Canada, where he lives. His information has been kept from the public eye, and although he was born into a wrestling family, it is not clear whether he is into wrestling like his father. Here are more facts about Dallas Jeffrey Hart.

Dallas Jeffrey Hart’s Family

Dallas Jeffrey is proud to be born into the Hart family and has three siblings. Dallas, smother is called Julie Smadu, and she was the first wife of the recognized and former wrestler. Dallas has two sisters and one brother, although the date of their births is not indicated to the public.

Dallas Jeffrey’s Father

Bret Hart, the former wrestling professional, is Dallas Jeffrey Hart’s father. Dallas’s father was born on July 2, 1957, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and he was famously recognized by his ring name, The Hit Man.

Besides being a wrestler, Dallas’s father also wrote books and was an actor. All the acting, wrestling, and writing involvement have earned the star $14 million. His many years as a professional wrestler contributed to much of the wealth.

Bret Hart, Dallas Jeffrey Hart’s father, was born in the family of Stu Hart, a professional wrestler. Stu Hart had eight sons. Some of them like Dallas’s father joined Stampede Wrestling, a promotion Stu Hart owned.

Dallas Jeffrey Hart’s father started practicing amateur wrestling in high school, and in 1974, he won his first medal. Dallas Hart’s father revealed it was a great achievement, although it was only a city competition.

Dallas Hart’s father started his professional wrestling career in his father’s organization, and in 1997, he was officially signed into the World Championship Wrestling (WCW). He signed a three-year contract that would earn him $2.5 million per year and started growing his number of fans.

Unfortunately, Dallas Jeffrey Hart’s uncle Owen Hart, a recognized wrestler, died in 1999 while performing a dangerous trick. This affected Bret Hart because he had to take a break from wrestling. Bret Hart later returned to the ring, and he won the WCW’s World Tag Team championship. During that year, he received several head injuries while fighting Bill Goldberg and decided to retire.

Dallas Jeffrey Hart’s father has been married three times. His first marriage was with Dallas Jeffrey’s mother, which lasted almost two decades. The couple was blessed with two sons and daughters during the first marriage. Julie Smadu never wanted to be married, but after meeting Dallas Jeffrey’s father, he convinced her to get married. Unfortunately, the marriage failed, and they divorced.

Dallas Jeffrey Hart’s father married his second wife, Cinzia Rota, in 2004, and unfortunately, they divorced in less than three years. The retired wrestler is married to Stephanie Washington, who was married in 2010. They have not had any children yet, and their marriage has received a lot of criticism because Stephanie is 27 years younger than Dallas Jeffrey Hart’s father.