Daisy Grace Stephens, Personal Life and Net Worth

Daisy Grace Stephens is a young English teenager, who is in the spotlight at this young age only because of her popular father, Chris Larkin, a renowned English actor. Not just her father, but her grandparents, Maggie Smith and Robert Stephens are also well-known British actors.

Today, let’s talk about Daisy Grace Stephens in detail. Here, we will tell you all about early life, parents, siblings, education, work, love life, net worth, and all other things about Daisy Grace Stephens.

Personal life

Daisy Grace Stephens took birth in July 2006 and gave her parents, Chris Larkin and Suki Stephens, the joy of parenthood. Both of her parents are British, so we hope that Daisy Grace Stephens would also hold British nationality. Being a celebrity kid, Daisy Grace Stephens has a blissful childhood. If you talk about her love life, the young girl is just 16 years old right now. Given the fact, she might be in a casual romantic relationship but she would definitely not be in a serious love relationship right now.

Parents and siblings

Daisy Grace Stephens is the eldest child of her parents Chris Larkin and Suki Stephens. They tied the knot in 2005 and welcomed Daisy Grace Stephens in 2006. Just after 2 years in 2008, they were blessed with another child named Nathaniel Stephens. Today, the family of 4 is living happily and peacefully in their residence. Daisy Grace Stephens shares a very good bonding with her younger brother.

Coming to the professions of her parents, you already know that the father of Daisy Grace Stephens is a famous British actor. As for her mother, she has kept her profession a secret only.

Education and profession 

Coming directly to the point, there is no confirmed information available on the education of Daisy Grace Stephens. If we assume keeping the age of Daisy Grace Stephens in mind, we guess she must be in higher secondary classes and would be getting her education from a reputed school because she is the daughter of rich parents. Right now, Daisy Grace Stephens is focusing completely on her studies so she has not started her professional journey yet.

Reason for the popularity of Daisy Grace Stephens 

The famous family background of Daisy Grace Stephens makes her popular. Not just her father, but there are many celebrities in her family including her grandparents. This is the reason that Daisy Grace Stephens always grabs public attention.

Net worth of Daisy Grace Stephens 

Right now, Daisy Grace Stephens does not have any net worth under her name because she does not have any profession. However, she has been enjoying huge money since her childhood because her father has accumulated a good amount of net worth in his life. As of 2022, he is estimated to have a giant net worth of around 5 million.


Daisy Grace Stephens is one of those kids who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. It would be interesting to see whether she follows the legacy of her family or goes on some different path and does something else in her professional career.