Everything You Need to Know About Colin Ashanti Murphy-Johnson

Colin Ashanti Murphy-Johnson is the son of Guy Johnson, an American writer. His grandmother Maya Angelou was a writer, poet, singer, and civil rights activist. Colin’s mother is Sharon Murphy, and he has one sibling, a younger brother called Elliot Jones.

In her personal life, Colin has two known children, Brandon Bailey Johnson and Caylin Nicole Johnson. It is unclear if he has any children; the mother of her kids is also unknown, as he has managed to keep her off the limelight. Her name is unknown, the date of their marriage is unknown, and it is unclear if they are still together.

Education and Career

Less information is out in public regarding Colin’s education but given his parents were educationists, he must have gone to school. He probably joined college after high school and did a course of his choosing.

Talking of his career, Colin Ashanti Murphy-Johnson has managed to keep that information from the public. He is not like his brother Elliot Jones whose career details are on the internet. Colin’s brother Elliot is a philanthropist, founder of Ensure Progress, and a community leader.

Colin’s Tussles with His Father

Colin Ashanti Murphy-Johnson and his father had a poor relationship brought about by Colin’s attempts to cut his father out of a stake in the Intellectual Property Company. Guy Johnson had set up the company and put his son Colin in a managerial position. Given the issue, Johnson sued his son in a court of law.

They also had issues where Colin used company money to sustain his lavish lifestyle. They were often at loggerheads, and it is unclear if they managed to settle their problems before Guy Johnson died.

His Family

Guy Johnson’s mother liked moving around the world, so he had to move around with her. He completed his college education in Ghana and started working different jobs; he managed a bar at Costa del Sol in Spain, worked on oil rigs in Kuwait, and ran a photo-safari service from London to Morocco.

After returning to Oakland, California, he worked as a manager for over two decades before taking a leave due to medical issues. As an author, Colin’s father is known for the book, Standing at the Scratch Line, among other works. He died in February 2022, aged 76.

Colin’s grandmother, who had a close relationship with her grandson, is known for his several poetry books, essay books, and published autobiographies. One of her autobiographies is I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, which is basically about her when she was in her late teen years.

Despite having done odd jobs when she was young before making a name for herself, Colin’s grandmother conquered it all and placed herself among the best writers and poets.

Social Media

Despite being the son and grandson of great writers and poets, Colin Ashanti Murphy-Johnson, does not like being in the limelight. He does not fancy social media platforms and is not active on them.