Coco Rae Reynolds, Personal Life and Net Worth

Coco Rae Reynolds, Personal Life and Net Worth

Coco Rae Reynolds is a little kid and she has already tasted galore of popularity. All thanks to her celebrity parents, Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman, who have worked hard and achieved massive success in their careers. Today, we will tell you everything in detail about this little girl.

So, read the article further and get into the details of early life, parents, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and other details about Coco Rae Reynolds.

Personal life

Coco Rae Reynolds was born on 28 March 2017 in the USA as the twin daughter of American couple Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman. At the time of her birth, she weighed 6 lbs. Today, Coco Rae Reynolds has become a cute girl of 5 years old and enjoying the beautiful days of her childhood with her siblings. Considering the age of Coco Rae Reynolds, it is needless to say that she does not have any romantic relationships right now.

Parents and siblings

Her parents, Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman have 4 kids and Coco Rae Reynolds is one of them. After dating for a couple of years, her parents got married in 2011 and were blessed with their first child the next year itself. Then, they welcomed their twin daughters including Coco Rae Reynolds in 2017 and their only son was born in 2019. The names of the siblings of Coco Rae Reynolds are Valentine Reynolds, Arrow Eve Reynolds, and Gia James Reynolds.

The parents of Coco Rae Reynolds had an on-and-off relationship in the recent few years and they have made up their mind in 2022 to separate. Speaking on the professional front, they both are famous American musicians.


Well, this is a no-brainer that Coco Rae Reynolds doesn’t have any kids at such a tender age.

Education and profession

The parents of Coco Rae Reynolds have not revealed anything regarding her education. However, considering her age, it won’t be wrong to assume that the little girl must have started going to school. As for her profession, she has obviously not started her professional journey yet.

Reason for the popularity of Coco Rae Reynolds

Of course, it’s her parents, Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman, who are the main reason for her popularity at such a tender age. Other than their professional career, they both are quite active on social media as well which is another reason for the popularity of Coco Rae Reynolds.

Net worth of Coco Rae Reynolds

Well, Coco Rae Reynolds does not have any net worth right now because she is not at the age to be professionally active and earn money. At the moment, she is just enjoying the money of her successful parents, who have already accumulated a giant worth of around 40 million. The main source of earning for both of them is their music career.


At the age when kids don’t even know what popularity and stardom are, Coco Rae Reynolds got the privilege to enjoy it. No doubt destiny has been in the favor of this little girl.