Claudia Kraig Barrows, Personal Life and Net Worth

Some people gain popularity because of their popular family members and some become popular face in public because of their notorious family members. Claudia Kraig Barrows falls into the second category. She is famous for being the first wife of American serial killer Gary Ridgway.

Today, let’s find out information about Claudia Kraig Barrows such as her early life, family life, sibling, parents, children, love life, education, work, net worth, and all the details.

Personal life

There is not much information available on the birth details of Claudia Kraig Barrows. According to some sources, she was born on 18th February 1949 in Salt Lake City USA to Thomas Newton Ridgway and Mary Rita Steinman. The authenticity of this information is not really confirmed.

If you talk about the love life of Claudia Kraig Barrows, she experienced love for the first time when she was in high school. She fell in love with Gary Ridgway. These High School lovebirds ended up getting married in 1970. However, things didn’t go well after getting married and they called it quits in just 2 years in 1972.

Parents and siblings

As said above, Claudia Kraig Barrows is the darling daughter of Thomas Newton Ridgway and Mary Rita Steinman. There is no information available on the personal as well as professional life of her parents. The same goes for her siblings too. How many siblings Claudia Kraig Barrows have is not known to the public.


Claudia Kraig Barrows was married to Gary Ridgway for only 2 years and, during this time, Claudia Kraig Barrows did not have any kids. After her marriage failures with Gary, she probably never married. Given the fact, Claudia Kraig Barrows perhaps has no kids.

Education and profession

Let us tell you directly that the educational background of Claudia Kraig Barrows is not known to the public. Claudia Kraig Barrows herself never talked about that. If you talk about her profession it is also a mystery to us because Claudia Kraig Barrows hasn’t spilled beans regarding her professional career.

Reason for the popularity of Claudia Kraig Barrows

Well, the reason for the popularity of Claudia Kraig Barrows is her notorious ex-husband, who is one of the most wanted serial killers in America.

Net worth of Claudia Kraig Barrows

With the fact that there is no information available on the profession of Claudia Kraig Barrows, we can’t estimate her net worth. However, we assume that Claudia Kraig Barrows might be earning a good amount of money because after the divorce from her husband, she has been living her life all alone and she lives her life in a lavish way. So, it won’t be wrong to say that she has earned a good amount of money in her career.


The ex-husband of Claudia Kraig Barrows is a cruel murderer but Claudia Kraig Barrows seems to be a kind soul. She sees the positive side of everything and knows very well to yield the best out of it. She is indeed a strong lady.