Chase Ty Kapler’s Career, Net Worth, Bio, and Family

Born on October 8, 1999, Chase Ty Kapler is the son of Kapler, a famous former baseball player and the current manager for the San Francisco Giants. Since Chase Ty was born, she has been in the limelight because of his father’s fame. Many baseball lovers recognize Gabe, and his brilliant performance as a player and manager has many fans not forgetting him or his family.

Chase Ty was born on October 8, 1999, and he is not the only child in his family. His mother is Lisa Jansen, and she started dating the player in high school. Although they had a long history, they divorced in 2013, but they have continued to cooperate and be friends.

Who is Chase Ty Kapler’s Brother?

Chase Ty is a proud elder sibling, and he has a younger brother with an age difference of two. His younger brother, Dane Rio Kapler, was born on November 3, 2001. Despite being celebrity kids, the Kapler brothers are very secretive, and not much information about them has been shared with the public.

It is also hard to tell the career the two gentlemen are pursuing because their father has not revealed much information about it, apart from sharing a few photos of him and the boys having fun.

Who is Chase Ty Kapler’s Mother

Chase Ty Kapler’s mother is Lisa Jansen, and she came into the limelight when she started dating the famous baseball player. Kapler and Lisa Jansen met in high school, and Kapler was in his final senior year.

Lisa Jansen and Kapler started dating while in South California High School, and on December 17, 1998, they exchanged vows in a beautiful setting surrounded by family and friends.

Lisa Jensen’s Prior Relationship

Before Lisa Jansen started dating the baseball player and manager, she was in an abusive relationship. Lisa had revealed that the days before she met Gabe were her worst because of the toxic relationship.

Although Lisa did not reveal the man’s name, she described how he treated her awfully. The man would beat, choke and attack her in every disgusting manner, which made the relationship a mess.

Lisa moved out of the abusive relationship and met Gabe, who treated her better. To help Lisa recover from her past experiences and trauma, Gabe became a better man and built a foundation to help women in abusive relationships.

Gabe Kapler’s Domestic Violence Foundation

Kapler did help her wife recover from her past experiences, and he went the extra step to start a foundation with her wife to help other women who had undergone domestic violence. The Gabe Kapler Foundation is a real definition of the support Kapler offered his wife.

The foundation helped many women heal from abusive relationships and move on with their lives.

Are Chase Ty Kapler’s Parents Married?

Unfortunately, despite staying together for many years, the couple decided to part ways on October 2013. The marriage lasted fourteen years, indicating the couple had tried to make it work for a long time.

The couple separated and later divorced, and they have never revealed the reasons behind their divorce.