Carson Lincoln Kinney

Carson Lincoln Kinney, Personal Details and Net Worth

Carson Lincoln Kinney is the son of Kathryn Elsbeth Erbe and Terry Kinney. He has a sister called Maeve Elsbeth Erbe Kinney. His date of birth is on 15th October 2003. His sister was born on 26th October 1995. Therefore, this article will cover more details about Carson Lincoln Kinney.

Personal Details

Full Name: Carson Lincoln Kinney

Date of Birth: 15th October 2003

Age: 19

Nationality: American

Parents: Kathryn Elsbeth Erbe and Terry Kinney

Sister: Maeve Elsbeth Erbe Kinney

Occupation: Celebrity Kid

The Early Life of Carson Lincoln Kinney

Carson Lincoln Kinney was born on 15th October 2003 in the United States of America. He is the son of Kathryn Elsbeth Erbe and Terry Kinney. Additionally, he has a sister called Maeve Elsbeth Erbe Kinney. Regarding his education, we don’t have much to say to inform you now. All we can say is that he is in school because of his age.

The Parents of Carson Lincoln Kinney

Carson is the second child of Kathryn and Terry. His parent’s first child is Maeve, born on 26th October 1995. Terry and Kathryn wedded in 1993 but divorced in 2006.

Additionally, Kathryn is an actress and has been on the entertainment scene since 1989. Lincoln’s mother was born in 1965 in Newton, Massachusetts. She went to New York University, where she did her undergraduate.

Relationship Life of Carson Lincoln

The relationship life of Carson Lincoln Kinney is not known. This is because he is young, and his private life is not public to everyone. We think he is dating a girl, but we don’t know the partner because he is in school.

Social Media

Carson Kinney is not active on social media. His Instagram and Facebook accounts have not been updated for a long while. This makes him to be loving his private life. Thus, he is not updating his profiles.

Carson Lincoln Kinney’s Net Worth

Lincoln Kinney is not working, as we assume he is in university. Therefore, he doesn’t have a net worth. The mother has a net worth of $4 million from her acting career. As for Carson, we understand he is living a good life as his parents are wealthy.

Who is Terry Kinney?

Terry is the father of Carson Lincoln Kinney and Maeve Elsbeth. Additionally, he was born on 29th January 1954 in Lincoln, Illinois. Carson’s dad went to Illinois State University and has been an actor and theatre director since 1974.

Before marrying Kathryn Erbe, Terry was Elizabeth Perkins’s husband for four years, from 1984 to 1988. Currently, he is living in Brooklyn, New York.

Why Did Carson’s Parents Divorce?

There is no clear information on why Carson’s parents split, but it is about disagreements. The couple had frequent marital problems, which led to their divorce. Their divorce was finalized in 2006.


Carson Lincoln Kinney is a celebrity child who is nineteen years. Although his parents divorced, he has a good life, and we hope he will follow in his parent’s footsteps. Let’s wait and see. Also, when we get new information, we will update you.