Carolyn Dusty Yao’s Bio, Husband, and Personal Details

Carolyn Dusty Yao is the wife of the famous mycologist and entrepreneur from America, Paul Edward Stamets. Paul Edward is known as an advocate for mushrooms and has formed his company, where he sells various mushroom products.

Carolyn Dusty Yao loves a private life explaining why there are no records of her birth or whereabouts. She came into the limelight because of her husband’s work explaining why only professional details have been revealed about the couple.

Who is Paul Edward Stamets

Paul Stamets is a famous figure many people have recognized because of mushroom products. Paul’s love for mushrooms happened when he was nineteen and had taken too many fungi making him high.

After Stamets consumed a bag of mushrooms containing hallucinogens, he climbed a tree and got stuck. The effect of eating the mushroom was frightening but had benefits because it cured his childhood stutter and made him develop an interest in understanding fungi.

Stamets believes that people should stop ignoring fungi and embrace them because it has several benefits that cannot be ignored. According to Stamets, mushrooms are important for saving the world because they can help cure pollution.

Stamets has spent over forty years discovering more uses for fungi, and he believes they can help save the planet. Stamets has done some research, and according to him, mushrooms are important in cleaning oil spillage and saving disappearing bees by boosting their immune system.

He believes he is the messenger of fungi, and people should stop ignoring them because of their great benefits.

Stamets’s Scientific Work

Stamets is a scientist and had spent many years when he found out fungi can be used in treating viruses. Stamets invented a paradigm that shifts the uses for fungal extracts. One such extract includes those for boosting immunity and fighting viruses.

During the scientific research, Carolyn’s husband discovered extracts from a rare type of mushroom found in the Pacific Northwest. Further research indicated that the extracts were effective in protecting against smallpox.

The Bio Shield program of the U.S. defense system was interested in the research and tested in a top-security lab, which proved successful. The military has had fears of terrorists using smallpox as a biological weapon, and it was not surprising they tested the research.

Additionally, Stamets’ work captured Hollywood’s attention, and a Star Trek writer called Stamets for help. The nature and breadth of Stamets’s work inspired the crew to include it in the show’s narrative. As a result, the show created a character named Paul Stamets, who Anthony Rapp portrayed.

Stamets was happy when the film requested his help and glad that his message reached many people. His prayer had been for people to stop ignoring fungi. Now that other television shows were borrowing his work, it satisfied him after spending forty years in forests doing research.

Carolyn dusty Yao and her husband, Stamets, have formed a Fungi Perfecti that deals with garden products and mushroom supplements. Moreover, Stamets has documented several books regarding mushrooms.