Carole Lintzenich: Jack Buck’s Wife, Their Marital Life, and Children

Carole Lintzenich is a celebrity spouse who came to the spotlight when she married Jack Buck. Before Buck, Carole lived a quiet life away from the spotlight. Her husband was a sports commentator who gained fame for announcing MLB games of the St. Louis Cardinals. He remains one of the most influential figures in baseball sports, and he gained significant fame and fortune from it. This article will give details of Jack Buck’s wife and her whereabouts.

Carole Lintzenich Bio

Carole Lynn Lintzenich was born on 18 august 1939. She grew up in Missouri with her mother, Lillie Irene Hagemeyer, and her dad Joseph Francis Lintzenich. It is unclear whether Carole is her parents’ only child or if she has any siblings.

Carole married Jack Buck in 1969, the same year he divorced his first wife. Carole and Buck welcomed two children in their marriage of over three decades: a son and a daughter.

Carole remained married to Buck until he died from a combination of illnesses in 2002. Since then, she has maintained a low profile, and little is known of her whereabouts.

Carole Lintzenich Children

Carole and Buck’s first-born child is a son named Joseph Francis Buck, best known as Joe Buck. The couple welcomed their daughter Julie Buck three years after Joe’s birth.

Joe Buck was born on 25 April 1969 and followed in his father’s footsteps to become a sportscaster. Joe gained popularity for his work with Fox Sports and has become one of the most heavily criticized sports announcers. He has also worked with other sports channels in his career.

Carole’s son has been married twice, first to Ann Buck, aka Ann Archambault-Buck, with whom he has two daughters, Trudy and Natalie Buck. He then married Michelle Beisner-Buck, with whom he has two more kids named Blake Andrew and Wyatt Joseph.

Carole’s second child, Julie Buck, was born on 15 June 1972 and is a successful author. Julie works at The Big 550 KTRS. She is married to Jeff Brooks, with whom she has three children: twins Jack and Matt Brooks and Ben Brooks.

Carole Lintzenich’s Husband

Before Carole, Jack Buck married Alyce Larson from 1948 to 1969. Their over two decades union saw them welcome six children: Jack Buck Jr., Bonnie Buck, Beverley Brennan, Dan Buck, Christine Buck, and Betsy Buck. Carole’s step-children also seem to be doing great in their respective careers.

John Francis “Jack” Buck was born on 21 August 1924 and was the third of seven children of Earle and Kathleen Buck. His father was an accountant and commuted weekly to New Jersey. Jack Buck dreamed of becoming a sports announcer from an early age. He graduated from Lakewood High School in 1942, joined the army in June 1943, and completed his military service in 1946.

He joined and graduated from Ohio State University and began his sportscasting career. He was promoted to play-by-play the St. Louis Cardinals games on KXOK Radio in 1954. The Cardinals’ radio broadcasts moved to KMOX in 1955, and Buck maintained his position for almost all the 47 years that followed. In addition to working with the Cardinals, Buck earned assignments like radio coverage of 18 Super Bowls and 11 World Series.

Buck died on 18 June 2002 in Barnes-Jewish Hospital from a combination of illnesses.

Wrapping Up

Carole has a handful of grandchildren to keep her busy as she leads a quiet life away from the spotlight.