Who is Carol Antoinette Bennett?

Carol Antoinette Bennett has been in the limelight for being the ex-wife of reality show star Steve J. When people saw the television personality with his daughter, one could tell from afar that the star was a responsible father. The public image of the television personality changed when his ex-wife Carol Antoinette Bennette released a press briefing that Steve J was a deadbeat dad.

Who Are Carol Antoinette Bennett’s Children

Carol Antoinette bennet is a proud mother of two children. Carol welcomed his son Stevie Jordan in 1997, while her daughter Savannah Jordan was born in 1998. Carol gave birth to television personality Steve Jordan, but unfortunately, Steve chose to be absent from his children’s lives financially and physically.

Many fans who had seen Steve J were surprised to discover that Steve was a deadbeat dad, despite portraying him as the best dad to his daughter with his other baby mama.

Carol was disappointed that the system had failed her by failing to recover the one-million-dollar child support that Steve J owed her children. According to carol, Steve had tried two times to evade paying the money in court, but he failed.

Carol Antoinette Bennett Controversies

Carol is a lady that loves her privacy, and she has maintained a low profile. But, when she gave a press release concerning her ex-husband Steve J, she became famous and shocked many people with the news.

Carol was disappointed that she had stayed by the side of her children for a long time when Steve J should have been assisting her. During the case of child support, her children were almost entering college, and she needed more finances than Steve J was supposed to chip in.

Unfortunately, Steve J had other ideas, and he used his lawyer to try and avoid paying child support for his two children with Carol. Thankfully, Steve J was stopped from evading paying child support that had accumulated to a million dollars. However, Carol still expressed how it was hard for her children to get their rights besides the court ordering the television personality to pay.

Carol expressed that her son was almost getting his driving license and joining college, and despite him needing a car and insurance, his father never cared about it.

The child support concerns that Carol raised surprised Steve J’s fans. Although many started saying Carol wanted to support her because her ex-husband was popular, that was not true.

How Did Steve J Evade Paying Child Support?

Steve J is a recognized figure, and many must think it should be easier for him to pay child support. But Carol expressed how authorities had failed her, and she had to involve children’s agencies.

Although the agencies had worked hard and tried to take Steve’s passport, he continued his life without paying for child support. Carol expressed that Steve’s salary read to be low, and because of the lack of a system to track artists’ salaries, it was hard to prove he earned more.

Moreover, Steve J had companies, but he renamed them under another person to avoid being detected by the children’s agencies.