Carlota Valentina Sarcos Delgado’s Parents, Career, and Net Worth

Carlota Valentina Sarcos Delgado is a celebrity daughter of Chiquinquira Delgado. Chiquinquira is a television host, actress, and model, and her many years on the screens have made many people curious about her family and life.

Carlota Valentina is one of Chiquinquira’s children, and she was born in 2010 to the Venezuelan tv host and her then-husband Daniel Enrique Sarcos Cabrera. Previously Carlota Valentina was married to Guillermo Davilla, and they had a daughter, Marielena Davilla. Marielena was born on May 3, 1992, and she is the eldest in the family

Who is Carlota Valentina Sarcos Delgado’s Sister

Marielena Davilla, also called Maria Elena Davila, is the half-sister to Carlota Valentine Sarcos Delgado. Marianela is an actress and singer from Venezuela recognized for featuring in Voltea pa’que te enamores, En Otra Piel in 2014, and Lili’s luck in 2021.

Marianela has continued to grow her career and appeared in many other short films, enabling her to continue growing as an actor. Marielena has a half-brother from her father’s side.

Carlota Valentina Sarcos’ Mother

Carlota’s mother is a recognized Tv host, model, and actress who has made herself famous for her brilliant work. Carlota’s mother is Maria Chiquinquira Delgado Diaz, born on August 7, 1972.

Carlota’s mother contested for Miss Venezuela in 1970 and was the first runner-up. Besides modeling, she has hosted various shows on major tv stations, making her one of the most-watched Tv hosts.

Carlota’s mother ventured into TV hosting in 2002 when she hosted Mega Match between 2002 to 2005. She also hosted other shows like Portada’s, Donde Nace El Amor, Miss Venezuela, Despierta America, and others between 20005 and 2016.

Maria Chiquinquira also appeared in a few movies and tv series, with the latest being High Seas premiered in 2019.

Is Maria Chiquinquira Married?

Currently, Maria Chiquinquira is not married to anyone. Previously, the actress and tv host was married twice. She was married to singer and actor Guillermo Davilla between 1991 to 1999 when they were blessed with their daughter Marianela Davila.

Maria Chiquinquira’s firstborn daughter is also an actress like her parents, and she has been in the acting industry since 2014. Moreover Maria is also a singer like her father. Later, Maria Chiquinquira met and married a Venezuelan tv host Daniel Sarcos. In Maria’s second marriage, she gave birth to another girl named Carlota.

Chiquinquira divorced her second husband in 2010 and started dating Jorge Ramos, a TV anchor. The lovebirds have been dating since 2011.

Who is Carlota Valentina Sarcos’s Father

Carlota’s father is Daniel Sarcos, a recognized actor, stand-up comedian, and television personality. Valentina’s father is recognized for his Tv shows Super Sabado Sensacional from 1997 to 2009 and Miss Venezuela pageant from 2004 to 2009.

Carlota’s father was born on September 29, 1967, and his many years in the entertainment industry have made him a recognized figure. The tv-personality has three children, and he has been married to Allesandra Villegas since 2012.