Carina Bleeth

Carina Bleeth, Personal Details and Net Worth

Carina Bleeth is a former model of Algerian and French descent. 1942 was when Carina was born, and she died on 7th November 1989. Bleeth is the wife of Philip Bleeth, who is a business proprietor. Together they have three children Tristan Bleeth, Miles Bleeth, and Yasmine Bleeth. Philip is of Russian, German, and Jewish ethnicity.

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Personal Details

Full Name: Carina Bleeth

Year of Birth: 1942

Year of Death: 7th November 1989

Partner: Philip Bleeth

Children: Tristan, Miles, and Yasmine

Occupation: Model

Religion: Catholic

Who is Carina Bleeth?

Carina Bleeth is a mother and wife who was a successful model. She is the wife of Philip Bleeth, who is a businessperson. Additionally, Carina has three children Tristan, Miles and Yasmine. Yasmine is the popular child of her children as she is an actress and model. Bleeth was born in 1942 and died on 7th November 1989. Additionally, she is of Algerian and French descent.

Philip Bleeth: Husband to Carina

Philip Bleeth is the husband to Carina whom they lived together till her death. The couple has three children Tristan, Miles, and Yasmine. Philip is a business mogul with three ethnicities: Jewish, German, and Russian.

What Was the Cause of Carina Bleeth’s Death?

Inflammatory breast cancer was the cause of Carina Bleeth. She had had breast cancer for a long time. The situation worsened, and she succumbed to the illness on 7th November 1989.


Carina Bleeth is a model by profession. Apart from being a model, her daughter Yasmine followed in her footsteps. Currently, she is a model and actress. Amanda Bleeth has been featured in several TV shows like Baywatch, Ryan’s Hope, and One Life to Live.

Furthermore, Yasmine is in films like Heaven or Vegas, Coming Soon, Game Over, and more.

Carina Bleeth Children

Tristan, Miles, and Yasmine Amanda Bleeth are Carina’s three children. Yasmine is the popular as her mother, as she is a model and actress. Information about her other siblings is not known. But when we get new information, we will update you.

Carina Bleeth’s Net Worth

There is no information about the net worth of Carina Bleeth. We assume she is worth millions of dollars as she was a known model. Additionally, her husband was a businessperson with a lot of wealth.

As for Yasmine, she is worth $2 million. This is from her acting and modelling career. Moreover, Yasmine has assets like cars and a home, making her worth this amount.

Controversies About Carina Bleeth

We don’t have any detail about Carina having controversies during her time. That is not the same case for Yasmine. This is because she has had a fair share of controversies. In 2000, she was taken to rehab for cocaine dependence.

Another controversy is her getting caught driving off the highway. This led to her being detained, and on the investigation, her car had four syringes with a cocaine-like substance.

Carina’s other children or husband don’t have public controversies.