Candaleria Cardenas

All We Know About Candaleria Cardenas, Amado Carrilo Fuentes’s Wife

Candaleria Cardenas was known to be the wife of the famous drug lord, Amado Carrilo Fuentes. Candaleria Cardenas met Amado early in his life and had three kids together. Although Candaleria was with Amado, she was afraid for her life and her children because Amado was a killer.

Every time Candaleria Cardenas wanted to leave Amado Carrilo Fuentes, he would hit her. Amado Carrilo was a famous drug lord and had other affairs outside his marriage. Here is more information about Candaleria Cardenas.

Candaleria Leyva Cardenas’s Husband

Amado Carrilo Fuentes was born in December 1956 to his parents Vicente Carrillo Vega and Aurora Fuentes in Guamuchilito, Navolato, Sinaloa, Mexico. Candaleria Cardenas’ husband was the firstborn in his family, and he had eleven siblings, six brothers, and five sisters.

Amado Carrilo spent his early life on the farm, making little money when he was a child. At the age of 12-13, Amado Carrilo Fuentes, the husband of Candaleria Cardenas, would tell people that he would go away and come back when rich.

Later on, Amado went to live with his uncle in Chihuahua. At that time, drugs were a big thing in the States. He was young with a 6th-grade education, but his uncle took him to work in the fields. Later in 1986, Carrilo’s father died. In 1989, Amdo Carrilo Fuentes’ brother also died mysteriously, which made Amado very sad.

Amado Carrilo’s uncle was called Ernesto Forenseca Carrilo, alias Don Neto, a cartel leader of Guadalajara Cartel. Amado Carrilo was introduced to the drug business thanks to his uncle, who later brought in his brothers and son Jose Carrilo Levya.

Candaleria Cardenas’s Husband’s Career

Candaleria Cardenas’ husband started his career when his uncle, the leader of Guadalajara, sent him to Ojinaga to oversee the shipment of cocaine and learn about the border operations. Later, Amado Carrilo upgraded his career when he worked with Cali Cartel and Pablo Escobar, who smuggled drugs from Colombia to Mexico and the United States.

Candaleria Cardenas’ husband, Amado Carrilo also worked with El Chapo, the Arellano Felix family and the Beltran Levya organization. Amado Carrilo Fuentes, murdered his boss Rafael Aguilar Guajardo taking over the Juarez Cartel.

Amado Carrilo also did money laundering and financed his huge fleet of planes that transported his dugs. As a result, he got the nickname “the lord of the skies.” He was so successful in his career as a drug lord with an estimated net worth of $25 billion. He has remained to be one of the wealthiest criminals in the world.

Candaleria Cardenas’ Husband’s Death

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration described Candaleria Cardenas’ husband as the most powerful drug trafficker of his era. During his last days, the tracking of the drug lord by the Mexican and US authorities had intensified. When Amado Carrilo saw that one of his drug associates, governor Jorge Carrilo Olea, had been arrested after being forced to resign, he got convinced to do facial plastic surgery to change his appearance.

Unfortunately, the plastic surgery did not end well, and he died in Santa Monica Hospital in Mexico City.