Brooklynn Siebel Newsom

Brooklynn Siebel Newsom, Personal Life and Net Worth

Brooklynn Siebel Newsom is a celebrity daughter, who got the opportunity to enjoy stardom since her early childhood. All thanks to the publicity of her parents, who are famous personalities in their respective professions.

Today, let’s unfold all the details about Brooklynn Siebel Newsom including her parents, childhood, family, profession, net worth, and other significant details.

Personal life

Brooklynn Siebel Newsom was born on July 3rd, 2013 in San Francisco, US. The names of her parents are Gavin Newsom and Jennifer Siebel Newsom. She is living happily with her family in her home city. If you talk about her love life, she is just 9 years old today. Given the fact, she is yet to reach the age where one can experience this awesome feeling.

Parents and siblings

You already know that Gavin Newsom and Jennifer Siebel Newsom are the parents of Brooklynn and she is the third child of her parents. In total, she has three siblings including two brothers and one sister. One brother and one sister are older than her while one brother is younger than her. The names of her siblings are Montana Tessa Siebel Newsom, Dutch William Siebel Newsom, and Hunter Siebel Newsom.

Coming to the profession of her parents, her father is a famous American politician and businessman. On the other hand, her mother, Jennifer, is an American documentary filmmaker as well as an actress. Her parents got married in 2008 and since then they have been together.


Needless to mention that Brooklynn Siebel Newsom does not have any kids as of now, as she herself is a little kid.

Education and profession

Let us tell you without beating much around the bush that there is no information available regarding the education of Brooklynn Siebel Newsom. However, considering her age, we can say that she must have started going to school and must be getting her education from some renowned school, as she belongs to a rich family. As you can expect, the little girl has not started her professional career yet.

Reason for the popularity of Brooklynn Siebel Newsom

Her parents are the sole reason for her popularity. Both of her parents are famous personalities and they always catch media attention with whatever they do. This is the reason that even the birth of Brooklynn Siebel Newsom became a matter of media limelight.

Net worth of Brooklynn Siebel Newsom

Well, Brooklynn Siebel Newsom herself does not have any net worth. However, she leads a life that is a dream for many people, and the reason for this is the giant income of her parents. Both of her parents are quite successful in their careers and they have earned a huge amount of money too. As of 2022, her mother, Jennifer, holds a massive net worth of 16 million, while her father, Gavin, is estimated to have a net worth of 20 million.


Today, Brooklynn Siebel Newsom is a little child, who is enjoying her childhood. We hope she will also become successful like her parents one day, as they are a source of inspiration for her.