Brooklyn Leigh Vernon

Brooklyn Leigh Vernon: Gary Levox’s Daughter

Gary Levox, an American singer and songwriter and his wife Tara Levox in 2004 were blessed with their daughter Brooklyn Leigh Vernon. She is the second-born daughter of the Levox family after her elder sister Brittany LeVox who was born on August 26, 2000.

Brooklyn Leigh’s Personal Life

Brooklyn Leigh Vernon is 18 years old as of 2022. She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee having moved there around late June, 2022. 

She celebrates her birthday with friends and family on March 21 each year but she does not share much of her information out here with online strangers.

Her father, however, does not forget to wish her birthday wishes on his social media accounts. On her last birthday, March 21, 2022, her father reminded his instagram followers about his daughter in the following statement;

“18 years ago today This baby came into this world. Father God, Tara and I thank u for this gift we named Brooklyn that u blessed is with. Couldn’t b more proud of u baby! Happy Birthday TAYDA! We love u completely!!!”

It is undoubtable that Brooklyn Leigh and her father have a very close father-daughter relationship, this is evident as her father constantly praises her on the online platforms when he gets any chances Here is what he said about his daughters Brooklyn and  on the father’s day:

“Thank u Lord for the honor and privilege to b these angels daddy!  I am humbled everyday that u found me worthy to teach them all about u and raise them to the best of my ability!  For me and my girls,  we will serve the Lord!  Happy Father’s Day dads!  What a gift!”

Brooklyn is a typical cowgirl–this is how she refers to herself on her TikTok account, @brooklevox. Here, she shares a lot about her love for horses. One of her horses named Bandit and her cat that she has had since it was a kitten have appeared numerous times on her videos.

Social Media

She has an Instagram and a TikTok account, but her instagram is barely ever active. She shares a lot about her life on TikTok

TikTok: @brooklevox

Instagram: @brooklevox

Facebook: Brooklyn Leigh Levox

Education and Career

Brooklyn Leigh Vernon Studied Duke University Road, Durham, NC, United States, North Carolina.  Her career path is not clear yet but there are signs that she can as well follow in her father’s footsteps. Both her and father have shared videos of her singing, and from that she can arguably be as good as her father.

Brooklyn Leigh Vernon’s Net Worth

Her networth and financial information are not clear yet as she has not shared if she has a job that she earns from. however , on one of her TikTok videos she joked about not having money to buy food or anything else but she has money to buy horses.

Her father, however,  being a great musician that he is, has made fortune for himself and made sure thet his children live a comfortable life. His net worth is estimated to be $40 to $50 million.

Last words

Brooklyn Leigh Vernon is a typical cowgirl and enjoys living a country lifestyle. She undoubtedly has a remarkable singing voice and it wouldn’t be shocking if she follows in Gary Levox’s footsteps.