Bonnie Blue Broad, Personal Life and Net Worth

Often known as Bonnie Blue, Bonnie Blue Broad is popular in the world for being the daughter of British American singer and songwriter Billy Idol. She is not as popular as her father because she maintains a low profile.

However, today we tried to find out all the significant information about her. Read this article and find out the information about childhood, parents, siblings, work, love life, net worth, and all other things about Bonnie Blue Broad.

Personal life

Bonnie Blue Broad was born on 21st august 1989 to Billy Idol and Linda Mathis. The nationality of Bonnie Blue Broad is not known. In fact, there is nothing much available about her childhood. If you talk about the love life of Bonnie Blue Broad, the 33-year-old young lady has not spilled any beans regarding her personal life. However, after checking out her Instagram handle, we are sure that today she is a married lady.

Parents and siblings

Bonnie Blue Broad is the only daughter of her parents Billy Idol and Linda Mathis, who never got married. Bonnie Blue Broad was born out of wedlock. After the birth of Bonnie Blue Broad, her parents separated as well. Before and after this relationship, her father was romantically linked with other ladies too. In fact, Bonnie Blue Broad has one elder step-brother from her father. If you talk about the professions of her parents, you already know who her father is. Yes, he is a popular musician. On the other hand, the profession of Bonnie Blue Broad’s mother is a mystery.


We think Bonnie Blue Broad is the daughter of a cute little girl because she often updates her cute pictures on her social media handles. Recently, she has probably become a mother for the second time.

Education and profession

Let us come directly to the point, there is not a single piece of information available on the education of Bonnie Blue Broad. The same goes for the profession of Bonnie Blue Broad as well. We just hope that she must be working in some prestigious profession like her father.

Reason for the popularity of Bonnie Blue Broad

Well, the primary reason for the popularity of Bonnie Blue Broad is her musician father, Billy Idol, who boasts a successful music career and has earned huge fame. Besides that, the active presence of a stunning lady on Instagram also makes her popular today.

Net worth of Bonnie Blue Broad

Bonnie Blue Broad has not disclosed her profession, so how can we estimate her net worth? However, looking at her opulent lifestyle, we are pretty sure that the lady has a whopping amount of money in her life. As for the net worth of her musician father, Billy Idol, he is today a proud owner of around 60 million.


Bonnie Blue Broad is quite active on Instagram and keeps blessing our eyes with the cuteness of her kids. We can’t help but admire this loveliness. Believe us, after looking at her daughter, you would feel the same.