Bluey Rafe Richard Branson’s Bio, Parents, Siblings, and Education

Bluey Rafe Richard Branson was born on January 18, 2017, to his parents, Isabella Calthorpe and Sam Branson. His mother is an English model, actress, and socialite, while his father, Sam, is a filmmaker, singer, adventurer, and philanthropist striving to make the world kinder.

Bluey Rafe is the last born in his family, and he has an older sister called Eva Deia Branson. Eva was born on February 19, 2015, two years after her parent’s wedding.

Talking of education, it’s uncertain if Bluey has started attending school, but given his age, he is probably in kindergarten. Nevertheless, his parents have not revealed anything regarding his education.

His Father

Bluey Rafe’s father is passionate about adventure and likes to visit new places to create awareness of climate change, among other things. In October 2022, Sam, his father, and other Strivers were on strive challenge of climbing Mount Kenya. With the challenge, he aimed to raise over 500k pounds to fund their partners supporting and transforming education.

Rafe’s father founded a production company called Sundog Pictures in 2012 to deliver informative and entertaining content. Nine years later, the company transformed into a global studio called HiddenLight Productions, which he co-founded with Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea Clinton.

Besides being an adventurer, Bluey Rafe Richard Branson’s father loves music and has released some EPs through Waves Rush In. As per his Instagram page, Sam Branson says more music is coming.

As a philanthropist, Bluey Rafe’s father founded Big Change, a charity fund to back ideas that can transform education in the United Kingdom.

Bluey Rafe Richard Branson’s Grandfather

Richard Branson is a British billionaire and businessman who founded the Virgin Group, which controls over four hundred companies. Bluey Rafe’s grandfather dropped out of school due to his poor performance and ventured into a business, setting up his magazine business when he was 16. Student magazine business did well, and he grew his net worth.

Richard used the money he used in his first businesses to launch a record label called Virgin Records, which did well, signing artists such as Peter Gabriel, XTC, Steve Winwood, and Rolling Stones. After the record label’s success, Bluey’s father formed several companies under the Virgin Group.

Bluey Rafe’s grandfather also opened healthcare clinics and hotels and has done charity work to make the world kinder.

Bluey’s grandfather has made his fortune through his business ventures. With the Virgin Group he founded in 1970, he has been able to grow his net worth to 3.9 billion US dollars from his several companies, such as Virgin Galactic, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and Virgin Holidays.

Social Media

Bluey Rafe Richard Branson is not on social media since he is too young. Even though his parents post him on their Instagram pages, they don’t show his face. His father is active on Instagram, has 103k followers, follows 1.4k users, and has posted over four thousand times. Sam often shares pictures and videos of his adventures.