Best Portable Level 2 EV Chargers

Best Portable Level 2 EV Chargers

Electric vehicles are an interesting world. It is a lot of fun to ride. Before driving it, you need to charge your car, but which manufacturers of Electric vehicle chargers are there, and what should be used at what position? Networks of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations have grown in recent years, but navigating between the different types and their manufacturers can be confusing. Here we will cover different manufacturers of Level 2 chargers, their connectors, and the situations in which they are best suited.

I. EV-TOP Portable Box

Versatility, mobility and flexibility of use are the main advantages of the EV portable boxes. Portable charging is suitable for use by both owners of private houses and those who live in the city in an apartment building. It works from a conventional power outlet and allows you to charge an electric car at any service station, in the village, on the production site and anywhere else. It is worth paying attention to the presence of a current limiter in the kit for the selected charging. With the help of an adapter, this type of charging can be connected to a 220V home network and get a completely universal device for any occasion.

Below are different manufacturers and their key features and benefits, which can help you in finding the best suitable charger for your Electric car.

II. Megear EV Charger Level 2

  • Ultra-fast Charging:

MEGEAR Skysword EV Charger level 2 can charge your EV 3 times faster than NEMA 6-20, which means your vehicle is back on the road for more time.

  • Reliability and dependability

MEGEAR Skysword electric vehicle charger has an in-built smart chip that is used as a sensor to detect any alarming situation, for example, overheating, power surge, current overflow, low voltage, or leakage.

  • Equally Compatibility with every electrical vehicle:

MEGEAR Skysword EV charger is compatible with every electric vehicle which has SAE J1772 Charging Adapter.

  • LED lights:

The charger has an LED indicator on the back surface, which indicates the processing of the charger and if any error arises.

  • Warranty of products:

MEGEAR Products offers a warranty for 2 years and technical support for a lifetime.

III. Morec 32 Amp EV Charger Level 2

  • Fast Charging:

MOREC Level 2 32A, the 220-240V charger, can charge your car 6 times faster than a regular charger. 7m cable allows you to park your car 600 square feet around the outlet. It comes with a long charger cable of 7m in length.

  • Portability and easy to operate:

MOREC charger gives you the advantage of portability. These chargers can be taken everywhere and whenever needed, you can charge your car. Just find 220V~240V NEMA 14-50 outlet for connection.

  • High Safety:

These EV chargers are built with ABS material and are an IP66 waterproof rating, which assures durability and protection.  This means the chargers can bare hazardous conditions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, low voltage, leakage, and overheating.


MOREC chargers are compatible with every EV, which is built to SAE J1772 standard. These chargers are of high quality with CE certification.

IV. PRIMECOM Level 2 EV Charger

  • Fast charging:

PRIMECOM’s level 2 chargers, 16 amps and 100 to 240 volts, charge your car 4 times faster than other EV chargers.  They can be used for outdoor work and are waterproof.

  • Smart Chip:

PRIMECOMTECH designs its own smart chip, electronic circuit, and software which are to be used in chargers.

  • Plug and play:

These chargers can be plugged into any outlet present in your own garage with 220 to 240 watts.

  • Certifications:

German TÜV product and equipment safety certification, CE certifications️, UL-listed cable certifications,

  • Built-in safety features:

Lightning proof, over-voltage, leakage protection, over-heat, over-current safety, UL94V-0 flame resistance, IP55 waterproof.

V. MAX GREEN Outdoor

  • Different places to charge:

MAX GREEN EV charger uses the J1772 charging standard, which has NEMA 6-20 plug and five adapter cables (NEMA5-15/NEMA10-30/NEMA14-50/NEMA14-30 /NEMA6-50).

  • Portability

MAX GREEN EV charger gives you the advantage of portability. These chargers can be taken everywhere and whenever needed, you can charge your car. The charger comes with a 25-foot long and solid cable

  • CE and standards

MAX GREEN manufactures chargers that meet all the standards and regulations of America. The charger has IP54 waterproof, the circuit board is upgraded with a heat dissipation system

  • High quality and warranty

The company provides 1-year grantee while buying their EV chargers


To conclude, what type of charger you need depends on your vehicle and your needs. You will need to consider proximity, how much you drive, and how much time you have to recharge.  Whatever company you choose to buy chargers, keep in mind that it will take some time.  Level 2 charging stations will be the most plentiful and convenient to use, especially if you can set up a Level 2 charging station. Whatever company you choose to buy chargers, keep in mind that it will take some time. To learn more about chargers and their manufacturers, connect with us.