August Oliver Matthews, Meet Dave Matthews’s Son

August Oliver Matthews is a celebrity child born to Dave Matthews and his lifetime partner Jennifer Ashley Harper. August Oliver is the musician’s only son but has elder siblings with whom he has been spotted severally having a good time. Oliver loves spending time with his father, who has been spotted accompanying him in various shows. If you are curious about what Dave Matthews’s son is up to, continue reading this guide.

August Oliver’s Siblings

August Oliver Matthews is the son of the famous singer and songwriter Dave Mathews, but he is not the only child. August Oliver was born in 2007, seven years after his elder siblings were born.

Oliver has twin sisters, Stella Busina and Grace Ann Matthews, born in 2000, shortly after their parents were married. Oliver’s elder siblings are fraternal twins who love spending time with him.

August Oliver Matthews’s Parents

August Oliver’s parents are Dave Matthews and Jennifer Ashley Harper. August ‘s father is a famous singer and songwriter, while his mother is a professional doctor and business lady. Dave Matthews, a celebrity, has drawn attention to his family, although August’s mother loves to keep a low profile.

August Oliver’s parents met before the 2000s and dated for many years before making their relationship official. The couple walked down the aisle in 2000 and exchanged vows in front of their loved ones.

The couple has remained married for over two decades, and their love is still strong. A year after exchanging vows, they welcomed their first child, fraternal twins, and a few years later welcomed their son August Oliver Matthews.

The couple has partnered together, and they have opened businesses together. The couple owns two wineries, which produce sustainable wines in Virginia. Additionally, they perform activities like tours and wine tasting.

The couple is determined to offer more services, which is why they have over 1000 acres where they do sustainable farming.

August Oliver Matthews’s Mother

August Oliver Matthews’s mother is Jennifer Ashley Harper, a professional doctor. Although her husband is a famous singer who has remained in the music industry for a long time, August’s mother kept her life away from the limelight.

Most of her details, including where she was born, have not been shared with the public. She went to St Stithians College, where she met her husband, and later joined Bastyr university to study holistic and natural medicine. She graduated with a naturopathy degree and has practiced as a doctor in Seattle.

August Oliver Matthews’s Father

Oliver Matthews’s father is a famous American singer and songwriter who has made a name for his music. He is a talented singer and two times Grammy Awards winner who started his career in the early 1990s.

Dave Matthews formed a band, Dave Matthews Band, where he was a lead vocalist, and for years, they produced numerous albums which performed well. Dave Matthews is a popular businessman who owns various businesses with his wife.

Dave Matthews is a loving father and has always ensured he spends time with his family when free.