Asher Hendrix Boyle

Asher Hendrix Boyle, His family and Parents Net Worth

Seven-year-old Asher Hendrix Boyle has achieved stardom that many people only dream of. His arrival in 2015 was eagerly awaited by both his parents and  his parents’ followers from all over the world. The popularity of Asher Hendrix’s parents in Hollywood has unavoidably brought attention to Asher Hendrix, a case that makes him a target to public scrutiny just like any other celebrity child.

But what do we know about this celebrity son and his family? Let’s find out!

Personal Life

Asher Hendrix Boyle was born on January, 31,2015. His birth was first known to the wider public through his mother’s social media platforms.

Asher Hendrix Boyle is the only known child of Matthew Boyle and Lynn Collins and is very much loved by his parents despite the fact that they no longer live together having had divorced.

Asher Hendrix’s educational information is not known to the wider public, but at his age, there is no doubt he has started some form of education and enjoys living a normal life away from media attention.

Asher Hendrix Boyle’s Family

His Father Matthew Boyle

Matthew Boyle is a Hollywood star and a born in Maryland, USA, on May 8, 1984. He is an editor, musician and an actor best known for the films Undead, Everyting Went Down, and Die Watching.

Matthew Boyle has kept kept his life away from the media attention since breaking away from his marriage with Asher Hendrix mother, Lynn Collins. However, he maintains a good relationship with his son and posts there pictures together once in a while.

His mother Lynn Collins

Asher Hendrix’s mother Lynn Collins was born in Houston, Texas, on May 16, 1977. She has gained enormous mainstream following from her acting career in which she has appeared in numerous notable films. Her first big role was in an American legal and crime drama television series, Law & Order. Since then she has appeared in a number of films including Wolverine, Manhunt, The Hollow Point, John Carter and more.

Before Matthew Boyle, Lynn Collins had been married to Steven Strait for six years before divorce in 2013. She got married to Matthew Boyle a year after her divorce with whom they have their son, Asher Hendrix Boyle. Lynn Collins and Matthew Boyle got divorced in 2016.

Lynn Collins has had a fair share of scandals. She has been linked with a number of high profiled Hollywood celebrities including Keane Reeves. As of 2022, she is single.

Besides dating scandals, Asher Hendrix’s mother has also been accused of body alterations. News of her having had a nose surgery went viral among his online fans with fans claiming that there was a notable change on the size of her nose probably done to match her face. She has similarly been accused of having done breast surgery making them notably larger.

Asher Hendrix’s Parents Net Worth

Asher’s parents have had  quite remarkable careers that have undoubtedly earned them fortune. His taher Matthew Boyle’s Net Wealth is not known, but his mothers wealth reflects her hard work. Lynn Collins’ net worth is estimated at $5 million.

Last Words About Asher Hendrix Boyle

Asher Hendrix is a young boy that has a whole life ahead of him. He has the blessing and the curse of having been born in a celebrity family and he only will decide what he does with his life.

As he grows up, we expect to know more about him and we will keep fans up to date with information about him.