Annette Emily Chaplin

Annette Emily Chaplin, Bio, Early Life, Family, Career

Annette Emily Chaplin is known for being the daughter of the famous comedian Charles Chaplin. She has seven blood siblings and as Charles Chaplin was married three times in his life, Annette Emily has five elder half-siblings, from her father’s previous marriages.

Her family lived in the United States till the 1940s when her father’s career began to decline. It all started with his first sound movie in which he satirized Adolf Hitler.

Her father was accused of communist sympathies, and in consequence, was attacked by the press and the public. They were scandalized by some aspects of his private life such as the paternity suit and marriages to much younger women.

Charles Chaplin was forced to leave the United States and he and his family settled in Switzerland, where Annette was born.

She is now 63 years old and still lives with her husband. Over the last few decades, they’ve lived between Paris, Switzerland, and Montoire Sur le Loir.

Annette Emily Chaplin’s Biography

Annette Emily Chaplin was born in Switzerland, on December 3rd, 1959. She was her parents’ seventh child. Charles Chaplin and Oona O’Neill had eight children during their marriage.

Her father, Charles Chaplin, became famous in the era of silent film. He was not only a comic actor but also a filmmaker and composer. His most famous role, the Tramp, became a worldwide icon in the film industry.

Her mother, Oona O’Neill was an American-Irish actress and daughter of the American playwright Eugene O’Neill. Charles Chaplin and Oona O’Neil met when she was 18 years old and Chaplin was 54. They got married in 1943 and stayed together until Chaplin’s death in December 1977, when he was 88 years old.


Annette, following her parents’ steps, pursued an acting career. She toured with the monologue Shirley Valentine and performed with Jean Anouilh’s La Belle Vie.

The actress and her husband, Jacques Auxenel bought a silo in Montoire Sur le Loir and converted it into a brand-new theatre. For the last 30 years, the couple has created and produced several modern comedies, some of which were acted by Annette.

She also has dedicated many years of her life to raising Arabian thoroughbreds and Franche-Montagne horses.


Annette Emily Chaplin is up to this day married to Jacques Auxenel. There are no reports on how they met or when they decided to get married. Although there is no information on their personal lives, the couple shares a career up to this day.


The actress and her husband have kept a very private life since the beginning of their relationship, which it’s unknown when or how it started. There’s no report on if the couple ever had children but it all seems to indicate that they did not.

Net Worth

Charles Chaplin’s net worth at the time of his death came up to the sum of 100 million, and it was divided between his children and grandchildren. There is no information online on Annette’s net worth today. Each of her siblings has a net worth of over a million dollars.