Anne M Tengell

Anne M Tengell: Marriage and Children

Anne M Tengell was born in Denver in Colorado in the United States of America. She has three children and was married to the bounty hunter known as Dog, whose actual name is Duane Chapman.

Her Marriage and Children

Anne married Duane on the 22nd of August in 1979, shortly after Duane had spent two years in prison and was then released on parole on the second year of his five-year sentence.

They had three children together, Zebadiah Chaplin, born on the 1st of January 1980 and tragically passed away 30 days later. He was born prematurely, and sadly his body wasn’t strong enough to make it. Later that year, their second child Wesley Chapman was born on the 14th of November 1980. They also had a third child, James Robert Chapman, who was born on the 2nd of March in 1982.

The couple split up in 1980, shortly after the birth of their second child. They did, however, get back together for a bit resulting in the birth of their third child. Unfortunately, the reconciliation didn’t last long, and Anne was granted custody of their two living children.

Anne took the boys and moved to Utah; she didn’t allow them to speak with their father, although once they were grownups, they did take it upon themselves to reconnect with their father.

Her Ex-Husband Duane Chapman

Duane was born on the 2nd of February in 1953. Duane, like Anne, was born in Denver, Colorado, in the United States of America. He was an accomplice, more specifically a getaway driver, when a friend of his murdered Jerry Oliver, who was 69 at the time. It was a drug deal, specifically a cannabis deal, that ended very badly.

He got a five-year sentence which he only served 18 months after he married Anne.

After his prison stay, he ran in the opposite direction from crime and became a bounty hunter, and he gained international fame after bringing the heir of Max Factor, Andrew Luster, to justice. Andrew was hiding out in Mexico when this happened in 2003.

His capture of Andrew Luster got people interested in him, and became a reality television sensation. He was given his own show called Dog the Bounty Hunter.

After his first show ended, he was part of a similar show called Dog and Beth: on the Hunt, which ran between 2013 and 2015. In the show, Duane, his then-wife Beth, and business partner worked together.

His newest reality television show, Dog’s Most Wanted, started showing on television in 2019. It only aired one season, and the last show he had a contract for, Dog Unleashed, got canceled before it even aired due to misconduct on his part.

Dog used to split his time between Colorado and Hawaii, but due to his wife Beth’s health, he decided to stay in one place, Colorado. Sadly, Beth passed away 2016 on the 26th of June.

Duane Chapman’s net worth is about six million U.S. dollars.

Her Net Worth

There isn’t much information available about Anne. There isn’t information available about Anne’s net worth or career.