Andrea Mejjati

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The daughter of Orianne Cevey, a well-known Swiss businesswoman, jewelry designer, and public figure from Nyon, Switzerland, is Andrea Mejjati. She is most known internationally for her high-profile marriage to her former husband, English singer and actor Phil Collins. Charles Fouad Mejjati, Orianne Cevey’s ex-second husband, is Andrea’s father.

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Net Worth Of Parents

According to sources, Orianne Cevey’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $100 million, which includes the value of her jewelry line and the alimony she received. According to property records, the owner of the roughly 10,000-square-foot house at 1525 West 24th Street in Miami Beach is Charles Fouad Mejjati Alami, Orianne Collins Mejjati Alami’s ex-husband and Andrea‚Äôs biological father. The asking price works out to $2,063 per square foot.

Private Life Of Mother

Phil Collins, one of the best-selling musicians in the world with over 150 million albums sold to his credit, wed Orianne Cevey in 1999. Because Orianne Cevey is 21 years younger than Phil, this marriage generated a lot of media attention. but their union disintegrated in 2006. Andrea was born after she wed Charles Mejjati, but 10 years into their marriage, she and him reached a divorce settlement. She rekindled her romance with Collins, but it fizzled out quickly. Then, in August 2020, she secretly wed Thomas Bates, prompting Collins to serve her with an eviction order. Thomas is 15 years younger than Orianne.

Occupation Of Mother

At a capital firm in Switzerland, Orianne began her career as the manager of marketing and communications. In 1994, after getting sufficient expertise, she established her own event management business. She also began translating, which brought her even closer to Phil Collins. She made an appearance as herself in the 2002 television documentary “Phil Collins: A Life Less Ordinary” by Phil Collins. She launched her own jewelry collection in 2014. She also began creating her own jewelry, and she later launched a profession in jewelry design.


Andrea Mejjati, age 11, has two brothers or stepbrothers: Nicholas Collins and Matthew Collins. Andrea was born on March 22, 2011. There is a strong attachment between these kids. Nicholas and Matthews are both equally responsible and loving towards Andrea.

Surgery Of Mother

Orianne made the decision to have surgery in December 2014 to get rid of the discomfort in her right shoulder and neck. Because of the “Quality of care” offered there, she opted to have the operation in her homeland Switzerland rather than her residence in Miami. The anonymous hospital had assured her that the treatment was typical and that she might anticipate going home in three days. Unfortunately, the procedure didn’t go so well, and Orianne’s spinal cord was hurt. It appears that she was informed that this was a “complication” rather than a medical blunder. Orianne has consequently brought a lawsuit in an effort to learn the facts.

She is now no longer in a wheelchair and can walk without assistance thanks to lengthy rehabilitation, but she will never be the same.


Upon her divorce from Collins in 2008, Cevey received a $46 million settlement, which at the time set a UK record.

In conclusion, we can state that Cevey has recently been making an effort to raise money by attempting to sell both Collins’ memorabilia and her enormous collection of expensive clothing and bags. She is currently residing in Switzerland.