Alonte Lyndell Smith, Personal Life and Net Worth

Alonte Lyndell Smith belongs to a celebrity family and he is enjoying popularity today. He is the brother of American rapper Scrapp Deleon. Apart from his brother, his mother is also a prominent personality. However, today we are not here to talk about them but about Alonte Lyndell Smith himself.

So, read this article and unfold the details about Alonte Lyndell Smith including his early life, family, siblings, net worth, education, work, love life, and all other things.

Personal life

 Since Alonte Lyndell Smith is famous mainly because of his brother, there is actually no information available about his family background. When Alonte Lyndell Smith was born and what his hometown is are not known. As for the names of his parents, only the name of his mother is known, that is Karen King. The same goes for the love life of Alonte Lyndell Smith too. Alonte Lyndell Smith made sure not to disclose any details regarding his personal life.

Parents and siblings

As we just said that there is hardly any information available on the family background of Alonte Lyndell Smith, the name of his father is not known. He is mainly identified as the son of  Karen King. There is no information available on the married life of his mother. According to some sources, she was a single mother and raised his kids all alone. Coming to siblings of Alonte Lyndell Smith, he has two siblings and their names are Scrapp DeLeon and Lyndon Ahlik Smith.


With the fact that the personal life of Alonte Lyndell Smith is under wraps, it is not known whether Alonte Lyndell Smith has any kids or not.

Education and profession

Here again, you would hardly get any confirmed information. The reason is, Alonte Lyndell Smith has kept his life details really secret. Not even a single piece of information is available about his education as well as his professional. However, we hope that character must be in some profession.

Reason for the popularity of Alonte Lyndell Smith

To be honest, the main reason for the popularity of Alonte Lyndell Smith is his brother, Scrapp Deleon, who garnered huge public attention for his personal as well as professional life. Though the duo of brothers is seen together rarely, Alonte Lyndell Smith still became popular among the crowd.

Net worth of Alonte Lyndell Smith

Alonte Lyndell Smith has not made any public declaration on his profession, let alone his net worth. Since he is the brother of a celebrity, we assume that he might be enjoying a good lifestyle. However, Alonte Lyndell Smith has not disclosed anything regarding his earnings and net worth. With the fact that he is around 30 years old, we are pretty sure that he must be professionally active and earning money.


Other members of Alonte Lyndell Smith’s family are active in entertainment but he seems not to like the glam that comes from this industry because he is never seen making public appearances or having a good chit-chat time with the media.