Allyn Lee Kemper, Age, Siblings, Career, and Family

Allyn Lee Kemper was the lastborn in the family of serial killer Edmund Kemper. Allyn was born in 1951 and welcomed into a family of three children. Susan Kemper was the first child to be born in the family, and the fact that Edmund became a serial killer, killing some of his family members, the Kemper family has been referred to a lot.

Allyn Kemper’s Siblings

Allyn Kemper was the third child in a family of three children. Her parents, Clarnell and Edmund Kemper II, welcomed Allyn as the third child born in 1951. Additionally, Edmund Kemper, an American serial killer, was born in 1948 into Allyn’s family.

Kemper was two and a half years old when Allyn was born but had a huge body that did not match his years as a toddler. Because of his big body, he was nicknamed guy and was called by the nickname since childhood.

Susan Kemper was the eldest child in the family, and she had an age difference of six years from Edmund Kemper. Susan died in 2014, but her other siblings are doing well. Susan, the eldest sibling of Allyn, married and lived in Montana, where she died at seventy years, but she had seven grandchildren.

Allyn had a half-sibling called David from her father’s side. David said Ed was manipulative, and the serial killing affected him as a sibling. In his early twenties and late teens, he was a heavy drinker to deal with the effects.

David managed to live past the family life and quit drugs and alcohol after accepting the family situation. Reports indicate he is married and lives happily in California.

Why is Allyn Lee Kemper Famous

Allyn Kemper came into the limelight because of her brother’s crimes as a serial killer. When Allyn came to testify against her brother for the first time, it showed that Kemper developed fantasies of killing from a young age.

Edmund developed his early motives to kill when he would cut his sister’s dolls’ hands and heads. Moreover, he involved his younger sister Allyn in the gas chambers game. The game involved Ed staging an execution where Allyn would pull an imaginary lever.

Who Are Allyn Lee Kemper’s Parents

Clarnell Elizabeth and Edmund Emil Kemper Jr were the parents of Ed Kemper. Ed had a difficult childhood which influenced his later actions as a serial killer. Ed’s parents divorced when he was young, and the fact that his mother took custody of him and his siblings made him separated from his father, who he loved.

His mother made his life a living hell and locked him in the basement for eight months. His father was away at that time, and although he tried threatening her ex-wife with taking legal measures, she found other ways of making Ed’s life tough.

Records indicate his mother forced him to sell newspapers as a child, forcing him to run away and reunite with his father. To his surprise, his father had remarried and had a son. He took Ed to live with his parents, who Ed murdered in 1964. He also murdered his mother and her friend before he turned himself in.